Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

The teacher unions defend the sexenios in front of the state doubt - The Province

The teacher unions defend the sexenios in front of the state doubt - The Province

The main trade unions in the public education of the Canary Islands defended yesterday the payment of the salary supplement of the sexenios after its recent questioning by the state government, according to the regional government, although they disagreed about the responsibility of each administration.

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From the National Association of Teaching Professionals (ANPE) and Workers Commissions (CCOO) supported the Ministry of Education and Universities Government of the Canary Islands to argue that the sexenios are part of an agreement signed two years ago between the trade union centers and the regional administration during 2017. After recalling that the union, "precisely because of its recognized independence from political parties, can speak loud and clear in this serious controversy that now seems to face our two governments, "the president of ANPE in the Islands, Pedro Crespo, distinguished between the basic salary and additional amounts before emphasizing that the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Service" has plenty of information that in the rest of Spain, all non-university teachers have been collecting this same remuneration supplement for years, which we managed to recover for teachers in the Canary Islands thanks to the 2017 agreement, which also proposes a five-year horizon, until 2022, to achieve gradual way the equalization of the final amount of the six-year terms with the state average ".

From CCOO supported the regional government "in the struggle to keep intact one of the achievements that higher social, labor and union costs has had in the last decade for the teachers of the Canary Islands", as salary supplements for continuing education "are not new or suppose a disproportionate increase over established salaries ". However, the Trade Union of Teaching Workers of the Canary Islands (STEC) described as "shameful" the dissemination of the conflict between administrations through the media after the session of the Governing Council on Monday instead of the Sectoral Round Table. Education: "One more demonstration of the contempt that Councilor Soledad Monzón and the entire Government show towards the whole of the teaching staff and their legitimate representatives".

Precisely, the regional head and the Deputy Minister of Education and Universities, David Pérez-Dionis, meet today with all the union forces that signed the agreement of 2017 by which the six-year model was implemented in the Canary Islands. "The purpose of the meeting is to analyze the objections that endanger the collection of this year's supplements and agree on the position and arguments that the Government of the Canary Islands will take to the Bilateral Commission between the Canary Islands and the State, which will be set up to try to prevent that the Government of the State go to the courts to prevent the payment of the amounts recognized in the Canarian budget law this year, "they explained through a press release from the Ministry of Education.


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