The teacher convicted of sexual abuse at the Gaztelueta school of Opus Dei avoids entering jail

The Audience of Bizkaia has decided this Monday that the teacher of the Gaztelueta de Leioa school José María Martínez Sanz does not enter prison. This Opus Dei numerary was sentenced to two years for continued sexual abuse of a former student. It is common for sentences of no more than that time to be suspended if the offender has no prior record, as is the case, although the victim's lawyer, Leticia de la Hoz, had appealed last week to the special circumstances of the case to be will execute the penalty and even pulled the precedent of the entry into the jail of Isabel Pantoja.

The victim of sexual abuse at the Gaztelueta school of Opus Dei speaks: "I wouldn't be surprised if there were more cases.  Do not be afraid to tell it"

The victim of sexual abuse at the Gaztelueta school of Opus Dei speaks: "I would not be surprised if there were more cases. We must not be afraid to tell about it"

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The young man's family regrets the "message" of impunity that is being transferred, even more so after the Supreme Court lowered the initial sentence from eleven years to the current two, considering that the victim had not narrated from the beginning the most serious episodes that suffered. Juan Cuatrecasas himself, now of legal age, spoke about this in an interview with this newspaper. "Yes, I would consider it unfair that he did not enter," he acknowledged while saying he felt humiliated by the judicial resolution of the entire process. You can read the full interview here.

The court, on the other hand, understands that there is no risk of committing more crimes. The defense of Martínez Sanz, in addition, had remarked that his judicial battle has not finished and that will seek a favorable resolution in the Constitutional Court. As a first reaction, the lawyer for the convicted person, Eduardo Ruiz de Erenchun, has demanded the return of the passport, since he had been prevented from traveling as a precautionary measure. Very early on, after the facts were known, the now convicted man took refuge abroad.


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