March 5, 2021

The Taylor-Ndiaye binomial gives the ninth to Spar Gran Canaria (70-65)

A player from CB Spar Gran Canaria takes a shot.

A player from CB Spar Gran Canaria takes a shot.
CB Spar Gran Canaria

Key win for permanence of Spar Gran Canaria on the Endesa League after his return to the highest category of national basketball. The ninth came thanks to the fact that the island players did not lower their arms despite losing most of the game above ten points. In the last quarter, the Sparkle Taylor- Djeneba Ndiaye binomial They came to the rescue and with 14 points between the two they cemented the yellow victory 70-65.

The intensity with which the crash was played was seen from the first plays. At forty seconds the Estu player, Melisa gretter she fell to the floor of the pavilion at La Paterna after Kay james hit with his shoulder on the teeth of Argentina. The collegiate base went to the bench with a bloody mouth, while Kay James did the same after adding his second foul.

The good disposition in the insular paint closed the ring of the Spar Gran Canaria during the first quarter. To the players of Alberto Ortego They did not get the shots and they despaired at the lack of ideas of the insular defensive network, which allowed them to go out fluently to counterattack every time they recovered the ball in their field.

With 12-6 in the light came the first time-out of the Madrid team to try to readjust ideas and stop the offensive errors that added up in the first 6 minutes. And it worked, because in the next two plays, they added as many points as they had thanks to a triple by Burani and an action of 2 + 1 of Espin.

The quarter ended with a 3-15 run from the time-out requested by Ortego to arrive with a comfortable 15-21 ahead on the scoreboard. Jose Carlos Ramos he despaired of his women’s concessions. “You give one, you give two and you give the basket,” he told Sika Koné on the last play before the end of the period.

The concessions in the insular ring continued in such a way that the schoolboys reached the difference of +10 for the first time in the 16th minute. Sump Y Burani They were doing a lot of damage to the Spar, who had to surrender as usual to the points of Sparkle Taylor and to the courage of María España, very active during the morning when it comes to encouraging her teammates and holding the score with 10 points in the first half.

Thus, at halftime it was reached with 30-39 on the scoreboard and the faces of the insular in their last attacks left signs of impotence before the consecutive errors facing the basket, which occurred at the start of the third quarter by the two sets.

He managed to stay above ten during the resumption of the Estudiantes. While the Spar accused his lack of aim in the outside shot. 3 of 11 in the triple for the yellow ones weighed him down in the scoreboard before the good defensive deployment in the paint of the Madrid.

In the last two minutes he pressed the island team to chain a 6-0 partial with which he could face the last quarter with options to add his ninth win of the season. 46-51 and the swords at the top with 600 seconds of play left.

He took responsibility for wanting to lift the Sika Koné party in the last period. With four points in the first bars of the fourth and a huge stopper raised the morale of theirs to get just four points apart (52-56) with more than seven minutes to play.

Despite a small setback with two consecutive losses, he again opened the scoring gap for Estudiantes. A time-out by Ramos reactivated theirs and between Taylor and five points from Ndiaye they put one of difference (61-62) leading the nervousness this time to the bench of the Magariños team.

He managed to turn the tables at the last minute with the Spar again with the Taylor-Ndiaye binomial in a state of grace. Mali’s reached the double digits with a 2 + 1 action with 26 seconds remaining to make it 66-62.

Gretter, the same one who had been knocked out at the beginning of the match, came to the rescue of Estudiantes, and with a triplazo put it spicy in the last 9 seconds of play. Hermida scored the two free throws after lack of rigor and Da Silva missed the final triple that would have sent the game into extra time.


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