The taxi strike, live

The taxi strike, live

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9.08To improve your public image, the taxi drivers will organize a paellada in Ifema this Saturday. They will go to their wives, husbands and children, and all the citizens that they want will be able to go. Carlos Hidalgo informs.

9.06The taxi drivers announced yesterday «Cool actions» for today: they are going to make a «caracolada», which consists of traveling at very low speed through the ring roads and main roads of Madrid to hinder traffic. Carlos Hidalgo informs.

9.01The meeting between the Community of Madrid and the City Council of the capital to bring positions on the regulation of the VTC, which will take place in one hour, will be essentially technical and it is not foreseen, initially, that the Minister of Transport, Housing and Infrastructures of Madrid Rosalía Gonzalo or her municipal counterpart, Councilor Inés Sabanés, will participate. Or that representatives of the associations of taxi drivers or VTC sit down at the table.

9.01The main obstacle to reaching an agreement is that taxi drivers demand that you can only order an Uber or Cabify six hours in advance. A part of the sector reduces the pre-contract time to one hour, as agreed with the Madrid City Council, reports Carlos Hidalgo.

8.55Some access to Fitur is still blocked and taxi drivers say they will continue the strike after deciding to continue with the strike in the assembly yesterday. Carlos Hidalgo informs.

8.47 As in previous days, most of the taxi drivers concentrated on foot in front of Ifema have spent the night in cars, and even, They have lit some bonfires in the area to cope with the low temperatures of the night. In the roundabout where the southern entrance to the fairground is located is where thousands of taxi drivers have been located, occupying half of this despite the strong police cord that keeps free the pedestrian crossing to the mouth of the subway. While, in the roundabout Juan de Borbón - a few hundred meters further south - there are already municipal police officers to divert traffic to the side entrances of the fairgrounds, since the avenue Capital de España is no longer possible to circulate due to the concentration of vehicles.

8.44- The hundreds of taxis that occupied the central stretch of Gran Via in Barcelona since last day 18 They have abandoned this artery in Barcelona during the early hours after, after the tight vote in which the taxi drivers decided to abandon the strike after the last proposal of the Generalitat to regulate the VTC.

8.43At ten o'clock in the morning a meeting between the Community and the Madrid City Council to try to bring positions in the conflict, reports Carlos Hidalgo.

8.40 At first hour of the morning, a group of 30 taxi drivers has cut the M-40 at the height of the Field of Nations. The police have evicted them in a few minutes. Carlos Hidalgo informs.

8.35Good Morning! The taxi conflict in Madrid enters its fourth day of indefinite strike with the most distant positions than ever. This morning their counterparts in Barcelona agreed to end the strike that began six days ago to demand greater regulation of the VTC, after a very tight vote and not without controversy. The count made in the Plaza de Catalunya has been as follows: They have voted 4,720 taxi drivers, of which 2,508 have voted in favor of the end of the strike and 2,177 against. In addition, 19 blank and 3 null votes have been counted. So that, only Madrid is still up in arms with burning containers in the early morning and the umpteenth cut in the M40.


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