April 16, 2021

The taxi proposes to extend the pre-contracting of Uber and Cabify to all Spain

The taxi proposes to extend the pre-contracting of Uber and Cabify to all Spain


The taxi aims to convert the pre-contracting of passenger vehicles with driver (VTC) into a national law. The four majority associations of the union have asked PP, PSOE, Citizens and We can include this restriction in the Land Transportation Ordinance Law (LOTT), a rule that is currently open for modification.

And is that last October, the Congress of Deputies approved as a bill the decree modifying the LOTT to assign competences on VTC licenses to communities and municipalities. In practice, this allows the presentation of amendments to modify the original text of the decree.

Since these resources have to be presented by a political party, the taxi has requested PP, PSOE, Cs and Podemos to make an amendment proposal to include the pre-contracting of at least 15 minutes of the VTC in the decree approved almost four months ago. It is not the only measure that could be proposed, since the deadline for submitting amendments has been extended several times and is still open.

Sources of the union are nevertheless not optimistic about the future of this proposal. "Single We can have been willing to support her, has even ensured that they will include other measures », explain from the taxi sector.

The purple formation takes months defending to coat and sword the needs of the sector. Without going any further, the coportavoz of Podemos, Noelia Vera, said yesterday that the union "fight for their work dignity and against the precarization" of the sector.

By cons, PP and Citizens They have criticized with harshness the limits that are being imposed on the VTC. That is why they have rejected the proposal put forward by the sector. Meanwhile, the PSOE has defended before the union the original text of the decree, which removes thousands of Uber and Cabify licenses in a term of 4 to 6 years if the communities and municipalities do not regulate their activity.

The Generalitat of Catalonia has already approved a decree a couple of weeks ago that reflects the need for VTC be pre-contracted with 15 minutes notice. In addition, it opens the door for municipalities to extend this period to sixty minutes. This rule, which has yet to pass the Parlament filter, caused Uber and Cabify to decide to interrupt their activity in Barcelona.

This fact has not prevented other regions from joining this measure. This same Tuesday, the Comunitat Valenciana has announced that it will approve a decree that will include the need to hire an Uber and Cabify 15 minutes in advance, in addition to prohibiting geolocation.

In this context, the taxi wants this system of pre-contracting, which according to the companies in the sector makes the activity of Uber and Cabify "unviable", spread throughout the rest of Spain.


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