The taxi from Madrid recognizes 21 million losses but maintains its pulse

The taxi from Madrid recognizes 21 million losses but maintains its pulse


Ten days and adding: the taxi drivers of Madrid maintain their stoppages and warn that they will continue with them indefinitely, until they achieve their goal. Even prepare a large demonstration in the capital, which will be accompanied by other groups such as the "tides" of health or education, pensioners or workers in precarious. And that yesterday, the day they cut the Gran Vía in Madrid again, they recognized economic losses close to 21 million euros during these days of unemployment, and that they were aware that the strike "is going to take its toll".

Yesterday they proposed a new proposal to the regional government, which insists on the pre-contracting of VTC with a minimum of one hour and also requires minimum distances of 5 kilometers. The president of the Community of Madrid, once studied, rejected it as "even more radical" than the previous week. In spite of everything, in an attempt to reopen the negotiation, at the last hour of yesterday they announced that they deconstructed the concentration in front of the headquarters of the PP, in Genoa street, at least until they know the appearance of the Minister of Public Works, José Luis Take them in Congress. However, the guild associations indicated that they will hold the afternoon protest at Puerta del Sol.

Taxi drivers recognize that the user "will punish" the strike. But they believe that they have to maintain their struggle because it is "that of the little ones against the big ones" and because they defend 22,000 families. "We can not let it happen like in San Francisco, where this taxi service no longer exists." They promise to try to "compensate" the faithful user of the taxi, and also to attract new customers to "compensate for the damage that is being caused".

According to their calculations, they have been able to lose over 20 million in these ten days: "The calculation is simple, 170 euros a day by taxi, 15,723 taxis, ten days without work, discounting those that are waged", explained Julio Sanz, president of the Professional Taxi Federation.

During the week and a half of strikes, the balance in the taxi sector is of a driver in an induced coma – after a winding when they cut the M-40 -, six taxi drivers arrested – three already freed with charges and three without charges -, and 128 taxis with damages, one of them burned the last dawn. Taxi drivers point to the regional president of Madrid as guilty of "lack of political will" to find a way out of the conflict.

However, the deputy secretary of the PP Andrea Levy pointed yesterday in another direction: towards the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos.

The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, said yesterday that "everyone wants" to end the conflict of the taxi, but also warned that will not tolerate illegitimate actions "neither by force nor by occupation of public space." From the municipal government proposed to equalize the freewheeling in both sectors: now, the VTC has no limits or hours for their activity, while taxis are required to rest one day during the week and another weekend, and have a day maximum of 16 hours a day.

Offer for the user

From the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is required to guarantee the user "a sufficient offer that allows their right to mobility, which today in Madrid is seriously threatened," said his spokesman, Enrique Garcia yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Basque Taxi Federation and representatives of the Basque VTCs decided yesterday to "renounce confrontational schemes that may alter public order" and opted to jointly deal with the Basque Government's negotiation of Basque regulations that regulate the sector , reports Adrián Mateos. This was announced after the first meeting of the "Ponencia del Taxi", promoted by the Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure, Arantxa Tapia. The members of this forum showed their rejection of «confrontation schemes that can alter public order».


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