April 14, 2021

The taxi drivers of Madrid will decide this Tuesday in a referendum if they leave the strike – La Provincia

The taxi drivers of Madrid will decide this Tuesday in a referendum if they leave the strike - La Provincia

A numerousgroup of taxi driversqueue from 10 am on this Tuesday to participate in thereferendumthat will decide if they continue with the strike or suspend the definitive strike, an influx that has forced to cut the access road to thetaxi bag of the T-4from the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport.

At noon, the organizers estimate thatMore than 2,000 taxi drivers have participatedand approximately another 1,000 queue to cast their vote. Sources in the sector explain to Europa Press that participation is greater than the strike referendum, which exceeded the figure of 8,500 and can reach 12,000.

The associations are asking that the parking be cleared as soon as possible so that the professionals who go with their vehicle to the vote can do so.

"After 16 days of unemploymentdecided by the sector on January 15 and 16, and before the refusal of the Community to regulate the VTC, from the Taxi coordinator continues to look for different ways to establish a regulation of the VTC, pressing and making more mobilizations if it was necessary. However, we ask the collective a question about the continuity of the indefinite strike as a measure of pressure ", says the ballot that is made available to the taxi drivers who participate in the consultation, whose polling station is in the T-taxi bag. Four.

Sources oftaxi sectorthey indicate that the result of the consultation is not clear, because there are people determined to maintain the strike and others who question its suitability after manifesting the Community of Madrid that does not want to make an immediate reform of the VTC sector.

One of the taxi drivers participating in the consultation has indicated that a key to decide is that the Madrid Assembly ends its sessions in March. There are also those who still doubt their sense of vote and those who have colleagues who opt for both options.

Sources of the sector detail that taxi driversthey have stopped paying 170 gross euros per day, which discounting taxes and costs leaves them at an average of 100 net. Right now, the taxi bag of the T-4, with capacity for 1,100 vehicles, is practically packed.

A spokesman for the group criticized that the regional government has played"wear" during the conflict, because I was aware that the Assembly of Madrid dissolved in a couple of months.

He also believes that the Director General of Transportation of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Rodríguez Sardinero, must resign because at a meeting held on January 8, he told the associations that the VTC sector lacked sufficient regulation and that it should be legislated.

In addition, he stressed that the region has about 500 new VTC licenses, according to the data of Development, and is expected to launch another 2,700."There is plenty because they take the street illegally", has apostilled.

The vice president of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, Jesús Fernández, explained in conversation with the media that it will be the sector that decides whether to continue with the strike and rules out forecasting a result of the consultation.

Understand that if it comes out that the strike is canceled, we will have to go to the actions"punctual and concrete"and remember that at the beginning of the meeting the regional Executive offered adraftregulation of the immediate VTC, something that has now been withdrawn. Therefore, he believes that the Community will be "responsible" for what happens from now on.

From the associations they state that these specific actions can be about punctual stoppages and demonstrations, directed against the Community. They also state that the taxi chose extreme measures after 54 meetings to seek a solution to the VTC regulation and seven protest demonstrations. Another point that will be deployed are compensatory measures for the habitual client for the damages caused by the strike.


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