The taxi drivers of Madrid call an indefinite strike next week, on the eve of Fitur

The taxi drivers of Madrid call an indefinite strike next week, on the eve of Fitur

More than 8,500 taxi drivers have voted in the referendum called by the main associations of the sector to go on strike next week, on the eve of the International Tourism Fair (Fitur) in Ifema, one of the main dates of the regional trade fair calendar .

Sources in the sector told Europa Press that provisional data on participation in the consultation suggest that 55 percent of professionals have cast their votes (in the region there are 15,723 licenses). The consulted sources have indicated that it has been a "transparent" process, guarantee and with high participation.

Holders of licenses and employees have been able to decide between three options, ranging from not making any protest pending the regulation of the VTC sector by the Community of Madrid, strike on specific dates and until an indefinite strike with no specific date set .

Taxi drivers have been able to vote at tables set up on T-4 at the Barajas airport and at the offices of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, the Autotaxi Association of Madrid, the Madrid Taxi Association and Radio Telephone Taxi.

It was foreseen that this Thursday the results of the vote would be announced at a press conference, although sources in the sector have indicated that the weather points to the call for strike, since the professionals are demanding that regional regulation of the VTC.

They emphasize that the situation of proliferation of VTC licenses in Madrid requires a regulation before the end of the legislature so that the 1/30 proportion marked by the legislation is met.

For its part, the Plataforma Caracol Association has already advanced that a massive assembly of taxi drivers that took place last Friday and advocated the call for an indefinite strike on January 21, although the sources consulted by have not confirmed that date.

Specific regulation

The main associations of the taxi claim a specific regulation of the regional government, as is being done in Catalonia and the Valencian Community, which regulates the VTC sector, especially when in Madrid the situation is "much more serious" with more than 6,500 licenses granted and that will increase.

For that reason they are in favor of a call for an indefinite strike for those dates, which "paralyzes Madrid" and try to achieve regulation by the regional administration of the VTC.

In turn, the joint table between the sector and the Community of Madrid to analyze the demands of the sector concluded without concrete progress and have been called to meet again within 15 days.

The collective of taxi drivers sees the course of the negotiation as insufficient since the Assembly of Madrid will be dissolved shortly and will not be reached in time for a regulation if there is no firm proposal.

Both the Professional Federation of the Taxi of Madrid and the Autonomous Union Association of Madrid said that they were prone to go on strike if this regulation was not established quickly and therefore launched the consultation.


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