June 24, 2021

The taxi drivers from Madrid return to the charge against the VTC | Economy

The taxi drivers from Madrid return to the charge against the VTC | Economy

The main associations of taxi drivers in Madrid have warned on Wednesday that they will call "unprecedented" protests in the capital if the Community of Madrid does not regulate "immediately" the sector of rental vehicles with driver (VTC), considering that they operate "without control" in the region.

The bosses say they will launch a consultation to the taxi sector to decide new mobilizations and even a total strike that "stops Madrid" in case of not receiving a commitment of "concrete and effective" regulation.

This has been indicated by the spokespersons of the Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid, the Autotaxi Association of Madrid and the Madrid Taxi Association, before starting the demonstration scheduled for Wednesday in the capital.

Threaten with new mobilizations

The march, which counted a dozen vehicles, ran between the headquarters of the Regional Transport Directorate, on Orense Street, and the Ministry of Transport, located on Maudes Street, in an area near the Paseo de la Castellana, on the financial and business axis of the capital.

In the Ministry, taxi drivers registered a letter to demand immediate regulation of the VTC sector, in line with the decree of the central government that empowers communities and municipalities to do so.

"All the protests made so far are going to be small and there will be an unprecedented conflict if there is no regulation of the VTC," said the president of the Professional Taxi Federation, Julio Sanz.

His counterpart in La Gremial, Miguel Angel Leal, has pointed out that a consultation will be held with the associates to decide if they want to go on strike in case the regional government maintains its attitude of not regulating the VTC sector.

Fulfill the 1/30 ratio

As he recalled, at present, Madrid has a VTC car for every two taxis, compared to the ratio of one per thirty established in the Land Transport Ordinance Law to grant licenses to these two modes of urban transport.

The capital is the city with the most cars that serve platforms such as Uber and Cabify, given that they add 6,300 licenses, half of which this sector has throughout the country, while the taxi has 16,000 vehicles in the city.

"The taxi is at the limit and can not take it anymore, we do not tolerate and is lacking in respect to regulation," insisted Leal. The president of the Professional Taxi Federation regretted that the VTC have no regulation in Madrid despite the actions of their drivers that pose an "intrusiveness" to the activity of the taxi.

On the content of future mobilizations, Sanz has pointed out that it is necessary to organize a consultation with guarantees among all the taxi drivers because the option of the strike is a "road that has no turning back" and "would stop Madrid".


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