August 5, 2021

The taxes that come for citizens and businesses

The taxes that come for citizens and businesses



Personal Income Tax increases: Will affect the income from work and capital of more than 140,000 euros. In the work will be introduced an additional stretch to make the most progressive rise, which will pass the maximum rate of 48% or 49%. We can ask that in the income from work the rise is from 120,000 euros and in savings, 50,000 euros.

Upgrades of companies: The effective rate on the tax base will be 15% for companies that bill more than eight million. For the 251 credit institutions that exist in Spain, the rate will be around 18%. And as in France or Belgium, the total exemption of dividends from subsidiaries abroad will be 95%.

Financial Transactions and «Google Rate»: They will be taxed with 0.2% as requested by Podemos and the one that affects the technology companies will be 3% for companies with a turnover of 3 million and that total 750 million of global business. Amazon, Wallapop, Uber and Airbnb will be affected by this new tribute.

More taxes for Diesel: Diesel will be taxed more with the aim of raising taxation from 307 euros per thousand liters to 345 euros, a rise that the Treasury calculates will be 3.3 euros per month.

Compresses VAT: The Budget will include for the next year a reduction of the VAT to compresses and tampons of the current 10% up to 4%.

Income of the self-employed: The Government and Podemos agree that the contributions paid by the self-employed are adjusted to the real income of each worker.


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