June 24, 2021

The Tax Agency approves a bonus to its employees if they achieve record income in IRPF

The Tax Agency approves a bonus to its employees if they achieve record income in IRPF


The Tax Agency today signed an agreement to distribute an added productivity to its employees linked to reach a certain level of collection in VAT and income tax, all a novelty, how ABC progressed. The majority of unions that represent the employees of the agency have agreed to the Special Plan of Intensification of Actions for 2019 with the Treasury, according to the agreement to which this newspaper has had access. The plan includes 95 million euros in incentives, according to calculates the plant that represents the subinspectors of Finance (Gestha).

Precisely, Gestha has not signed the agreement – only case with UCESHA -, since they complain that 25% of productivity funds are distributed on a discretionary basis. Likewise, they criticize that the technicians of the Treasury receive 40% of incentives with respect to the inspectors and demand that this assignment be fixed.

Record income

Specifically, the Treasury sets two goals in 2019: the first is that the income from VAT and IRPF between January and June exceed the 71,848 million euros. In case of exceeding this threshold, the first payment on account will be articulated. The second is if until November 2019 the amount exceeds 150,516 million. In that case, an "additional amount equal or higher" will be distributed to what has already been received, the draft agreement states. In front of the draft, yes, there has been a small change: revenues are net, discounted returns, so the goal is hardened and would exceed 6,300 million in 2018. It would be a record collection of VAT and IRPF, point union sources.

However, they are plausible figures, since the Treasury estimated an increase in the collection of 5,200 million euros for this year compared to these 150,516 million, an expected goal in view of the increase in revenue from the activity. Precisely this measure comes two months after starting the Rent Campaign of 2018.

As the Treasury approved a provision last month to authorize the 2019 funds, with a credit of 88 million, this plan will come out despite there being no Budgets. And next to the collection by IRPF and VAT, this variable part is linked to income for fight against fraud – the agreement sets a double threshold of 10,200 million and 11,400, in which more incentives increase, compared to 15,000 they were achieved last year – and extra hours that employees must perform – this year they go from 24 to 32 per year. Payments on account are similar to those of last year's plan, which has again managed to raise anti-fraud revenues.

Since 2014 the agency has kept inspectors, sub-inspectors and other employees to promote their results in exchange for a pinch in the salary. The plan has been applied every year since then to the spectacular results achieved: in that year the Treasury entered a record number of fight against fraud of 12,318 million by 19 million. Because of this success, in 2015 the plus doubled and revenues continued to grow to 15,664 million. In 2017, a variable linked to VAT revenues was included for the first time, to strengthen the fight against fraud in this tax. And now they have added another IRPF, in what is a greater zeal on the income from work and savings.

Controversial incentives

Precisely, the Spanish Association of Tax Advisers (Aedaf) has criticized this kind of incentives associated with tax collection, since, understands, they contradict "lthe principles of justice, generality, progressivity, equitable distribution of the tax burden and not confiscation. "

"A system of "bonus for high collection"It is not only harmful for taxpayers but also for the inspectors themselves," says the agency that highlights the high litigation of the Treasury and taxpayers. "A lot of the so-called" discovered fraud "by the Tax Agency is later corrected by the courts, but we fear that correction does not generate a refund of their salary by the liquidator inspector," says the Aedaf.


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