“The task of recovery is not only for the Government, it challenges the whole of society”

Pedro Sánchez has transferred the need to cooperate with “unity” in the face of the health and economic crisis left by COVID-19. “The challenge is tremendous, it is overwhelming,” said the President of the Government before the Ibex 35 staff, which he has demanded to lend his shoulder in the recovery as well as the group of social agents: “He has to summon us to everyone”. Sánchez has taken it for granted that the coalition will last over time – he has spoken of forty months – but has demanded the cooperation of all so that in addition to being “stable” it is “fruitful”. In addition, he has made it clear that both the PSOE and United We can opt for unity – despite the reluctance that those of Pablo Iglesias have shown in the face of the imminent negotiation of the budgets with Citizens – and not for splitting society in two, but he also wants involve the whole of civil society. “It is not only the work of the Government – he said about the work of recovery -. It is a task that challenges the whole of society.”

Calvo assures that PSOE and United We can agree on budgets to negotiate with the rest of the parties and assumes that ERC will not support

Calvo assures that PSOE and United We can agree on budgets to negotiate with the rest of the parties and assumes that ERC will not support

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In a speech delivered before business and civil society representatives, Sánchez emphasized that the solution to the crisis will not occur with Spain divided and has mentioned different unions, from scientists to transporters through the Forces and Corps of State security or health workers and other professions that were on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic. “To recover we need to work together – he emphasized -. It is everyone’s job, not just this or that half,” he said. And that has served as a glove to make that claim to the group of political forces, although beyond the members of the Government there was only representation of the PSOE, with the presence of the spokesman in the Senate, Ander Gil, and the head of Territorial Cohesion, Santos Cerdán.

“We need a new political climate, marked by stability and unity,” remarked the president, who recognized that this does not imply an appeal to “unanimity.” That message comes 48 hours before the round of contacts with political leaders begins in which Sánchez intends to address key issues such as the General State Budgets of 2021, which are vital for the survival of the Government, but also for the implementation progress of the measures that he considers essential for the reconstruction of the country.

Although Sánchez has assured that the coalition guarantees “a prolonged legislature” that “will be stable” because it is the mandate that the citizens gave him that “it is fruitful and depends on everyone.” “This calamity did not enter the Government’s plans. In these circumstances that force us to choose, the Government is clear: we choose unity, not confrontation. We choose unity, unity and unity. Spain has to understand itself with Spain just like Europe is he understood with Europe in the month of July, “said Sánchez in reference to the 140,000 million that Brussels will distribute among the countries, of which 72,000 are direct transfers. He has taken the opportunity to put the growth that the plan that the Government will send to the community institutions at 2% of GDP.

A hundred people attended the conference given by the president at the Casa de América in Madrid organized by Moncloa under the title “Spain can”. In addition to the bulk of the Executive, among them the vice presidents Carmen Calvo, Pablo Iglesias, Nadia Calviño and Teresa Ribera and ministers of the two factions, among the guests were the representatives of the employers, Antonio Garamendi, and majority unions, Unai Sordo and Pepe Álvarez, as well as the senior staff of the Spanish business community: the CEO of Banco Santander, Ana Patricia Botín; that of BBVA, Carlos, Torres or that of Bankia, Antonio Goirigolzarri, or of BBVA, Carlos Torres, who have entered together; the president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete; that of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, that of Inditex, Pablo Isla, or the CEO of Endesa, José Bogas. In addition to the presence of the Ibex 35, representatives of civil society have also attended, such as cultural representatives, including the pianist James Rodhes, the actress Concha Velasco or the writer Lorenzo Silva, or from the media scene, including the director of ElDiario. is, Ignacio Escolar.


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