The Tamaraceite opens before the Marino Isleo - La Provincia

Las Palmas Atlético, the YOU Tamaraceite and CD Marino -from the south of Tenerife-, the three Canarian teams that in the 2020-21 season will play in Segunda B -fixed in subgroup A of group 4- already know their first rivals after the celebration of the calendar yesterday.

On the first day of the competition, which will start on October 18, the UD Tamaraceite and CD Marino formations will play at home against the CD Isleño teams San Fernando and Balompédica Linense, respectively, while Las Palmas Atlético will have to travel to Cadiz to face the Cádiz affiliate.

The first Canarian derby will be played on the fourth day (November 8), measuring the formations of CD Marino and UD Tamaraceite. The confrontation between the two teams from Gran Canaria will be on January 10, 2021 in the Annex of the Gran Canaria Stadium.

The format

On the other hand, Second B and Third Division competitions already have their Regulatory Rules and Competition Bases for the 2020-2021 season, approved last Monday by the RFEF Management Commission.

It should be remembered that a total of 102 clubs from all over the country will participate in the Second B National League Championship, distributed in five groups -three of 20 clubs and two groups of 21 clubs-, each divided into two. subgroups of 10 or 11 teams each.

The competition will be developed in three phases: the first will correspond to the regular competition, the second will cover three specific phases (Second Phase for Second Division, Second Phase for First Division RFEF and Second Phase for Permanence in Second Division RFEF) and the third will correspond to the playoff Promotion to Second Division.

The first phase is configured in a total of 18 games in 18 days for groups of 20 teams, and in 20 games in 22 days for groups of 21 teams. The participating clubs will face a double round by means of the points system.

The clubs that are classified in the first three places of the ten subgroups will access the second phase for Second Division, those classified in positions from fourth to sixth (to 7th in the subgroups of 11 teams) will access the second phase for First Division RFEF and those classified from seventh to tenth place (from 8th to 11th in the subgroups of 11 teams) will enter the phase by remaining in the RFEF Second Division.

The points obtained, as well as the goals, both for and against, will be carried forward to the next phase, each team beginning its specific phase with the points and goals obtained in the first phase. In groups of 21 teams, which have a subgroup of 10 and another of 11, the coefficient will be calculated and the new phase will begin with it.


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