The Tamaraceite looks ahead - La Provincia

Tamaraceite: Alvaro, Aythami Álvarez, Alejandro, Alberto, David García, Juan Andrés, Zizu, Samuel (Brayan, 79 '), Eros (Choco, 68'), David and Romario (Aníbal, 85 ').

Guimar: Dani Hernández, Juanito, Eli, Quique, Nata, Rayco, Guti, Alonso (Javi, 37 '), Adam Ravelo (Andy, 73'), Ethan and Zeben (Cabrera, 81 ').

Goals: 1-0.- (23 '): Romario; 2-0.- (89 '): Hannibal, penalty.

Referee: Muñoz Guerra. David, Romario and Brayan admonished the locals; and by visitors to Rayco, Eli, Nata, Guti and Javi.

The YOU Tamaraceite started the year with a worked victory against an Athletic Union Güímar that was diluted in the second half. A triumph that is worth to the grancanario cadre to continue on the prowl of the positions of privilege, while the güimareros remain on the edge of the abyss.

The first part was dominated by the Tamaraceite, and theirs were the possession of the ball and the scoring chances, before an Atlético Unión Güímar that approached little close to the framework of Álvaro Robles, although he did have two offensive actions to tie the match before the break that did not bear fruit.

The prize for the best local game came in the 23rd minute, when a good assist from David Gonzalez inside the area was culminated by Romario with a cross shot (1-0). After half an hour the second could come, with a low shot by Aythami Álvarez, that the goal Dani Hernández managed to deflect the corner with a great intervention under sticks.

In the final stretch, the Güímar had a great opportunity to tie four minutes from the break, with a corner kick to the second, and a subsequent stub from Nata that came out shortly.

After the resumption, the Tamaraceite continued to control the game against an opponent who lacked a punch, although the local team also lacked clarity in the last meters to materialize the opportunities it created. Tamaraceite had to wait for the final stretch to sentence the match in the 89th minute with a penalty committed on Hannibal, who transformed the player himself to close the score (2-0).


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