The Tamaraceite draw against the Union Yaiza South - The Province

The Tamaraceite draw against the Union Yaiza South - The Province

The Tamaraceite strengthened its leadership despite the draw against the South Union Yaiza, which achieved a vital point in the face of its aspirations to save the category. The conejeros managed to tie before the leader of the Canarian group of the Third Division, the Tamaraceite. Result that allows them to excel at one point Tenisca. The locals moved ahead thanks to a goal by Javi Melián, but David Figueroa would neutralize that goal in the final moments.

The first time passed with a clear domain by the Gran Canaria team. They were close to opening the scoring in minute 4, but Zizu's throw was deflected by Adrián on the same goal line.

The minutes passed and the pupils of Juan Antonio Machín were letting go. In this way they began to dispose of their first approaches with danger. Miguel Yunes was the first to warn, but his shot was repelled by Jonay; who also dismantled a great auction of Álex Machín, when the goal was already being scored in the stands.

Once the halftime ended, both teams jumped to the field with clear ideas. The Tamaraceite intensified its dominance even more; while their opponents remained comfortable in defense and looked for quick exits on counterattack.

Precisely in a vertiginous exit the first goal of the morning would arrive. Angel left by band and hung a ball inside the area. There emerged the figure of Javi Melián, who controlled and - after cutting his par - shot the nets of the portal of Jonay.

Despite the blow, the leader was not nervous. The visitors continued looking for their option through the control of the ball. So things, in the 80th minute, they would get the prize. Aythami Betancor left by the left profile and put a great service for David Figueroa. The attacker connected a volley with left leg, which ended in a real goal. Certifying the final tie.


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