July 23, 2021

The Tamaraceite continues to lead with Eros and Kilian of artists – The Province

The Tamaraceite continues to lead with Eros and Kilian of artists - The Province

The law of the leader. Precision and reflexes Welcome to the dictatorship of fury. The Juan Guedes burns. UD Tamaraceite, directed by Chus Trujillo, crushed the San Mateo Pulido Bakery of Juan Carlos Socorro (2-0) yesterday, with the goals of Eros and Cassais in the second act. It is the fifth victory of the great revelation of the course, which allows him to take hold in the first place – they have an income of six points on the fifth classified, Las Palmas C-. With David González out of action – bruised on an ankle and returning on the next day – the performance of local goal Kilian proved decisive. Three interventions of merit before the auctions of Alvarado, Chus and Samuel paved the way.

And it is that those of Trujillo governed the areas, there was the key to a triumph of vertigo. Anything could happen, but the Eros missile (74 ') prevailed, which tipped the scales in a power to power duel. The Tamaraceite insisted on the bands -Aythami and Borja-. On the offensive front, López Silva and Dani Tejera 'Zizu' were unleashed. Poisoned center of Figueroa (5 ') and does not reach Silva by centimeters. The San Mateo resisted heroically. And it became a counterattack industry. Go out in style

Exchange of roles

Rubén, under sticks, had the best opportunity for visitors in the orange awakening. A hand of Kilian avoided greater evils. With the passage of minutes, the aroma of superiority of Trujillo vanished. Exchange of roles. Loud and clear. Checkmate of Socorro. The 0-1 seemed sung. Matter of faith. The tactic of patience.

Hidden under 0-0, Kilian Falcon was eternal. One, two three … Serial of chilling covers before the missiles of Dailos, Chus Sarmiento and Samuel. There was no way to knock down the giant. The San Mateo deserved the victory. The wind said it. It was incontestable. But Eros Delgado had a plan. You had to try your luck from the distance to blow the script. And the ecstasy was made.

In '74, the game radically changed course. Dry striker striker and the ball sneaks into the visiting team. Mr. goal. San Mateo collapsed. But Socorro pulled out a notebook. The visiting strategist opted for Braulio and Samuel as a saving medicine.

You had to take risks. Greater presence of gunners and an insulting domain. Kilian, once again, offered two fantasy stops. Freeze and annihilate. Tejera, rogue and talented, found oil. Penalty and sentence. The cruelty of the ball.

Samuel, who was successful in making decisions in the engine room, cheated Alex Cruz from the fateful point: 2-0. End of party at Juan Guedes. The pragmatism of the UD Tamaraceite was enough to crush an interesting San Mateo. Leadership with display of a gold goal. Review the verticality of Aythami Álvarez, in top form, and David Figueroa.

'Venddaval Trujillo' is based on the sides and in an ultrasonic soccer. Without David González, Borja and Silva were lethal. With Eros and Kilian as executors. The entity that presides over Héctor Ramírez points to glory. The terror of a newly promoted, who governs the law of the areas as nobody.

Data sheet:

UD Tamaraceite: Kilian, Aythami Álvarez, Alberto, Alejandro, David Figueroa; Samuel, Juan Andrés, Borja Vera (José María, 72 '), Aythami Betancort (Eros, 46'), López Silva (Jordan, 85); and Dani Tejera.

Bakery Pulido San Mateo: Álex Cruz; Chus, Alvarado (Jael, 85 '), Rubén, Edu Hernández; Godoy, Alfredo, Pitu, Nano (Samuel, 74'); Felipe and Dailos (Braulio, 74 ').

Goals: 1-0. min. 74: Eros, from the front, thanks to a shot that sneaks through the squad. 2-0, min. 85: Samuel Cassais -penalti-.

Referee: Aridane Hernández He admonished Juan Andrés -by the local side-, as well as visitors Rubén and Godoy.

Incidents: Juan Guedes, before some 600 spectators. Antonio Suárez, president of the Inter-insular Football Federation, as well as Momo, UD player, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, subsidiary technician, attended the meeting.


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