The Tamaraceite ascends to Segunda B - La Provincia

He owed the providence to Támara. Divine justice. Cruelly punished in Ibiza -on June 2, 2019-, this morning, the painting of Chus Trujillo, with a great López Silva, knocked down the UD San ​​Fernando at the La Frontera stadium in El Hierro and sealed a historic promotion to the bronze category. The capital block touches the sky, with a brilliant Asdrúbal Padrón Buffalo, who will share Canarian representation in Group I with Las Palmas Atlético. Outrage in the southern part for the arbitration and glory for the entity chaired by Héctor Ramírez, from promotion to promotion in the last five years.

After a hectic first time, back and forth, the goals came from the 50th minute. First was Abraham, with a penalty, and López Silva, also with maximum penalty, achieved the equalized-stroking the 60'-. The former player from Córdoba -the infernal 22-J was present in Gran Canaria-, incredibly, achieved the final 1-2 against the general stupor. David González left flashes of his magic and retired injured (93 '). Conquer a rise forged from sobriety, the galactic Támara with David García, Asdrúbal, Aythami Álvarez ... Gallons and a header goal for eternity.

Since 2010-11, with University and Neighborhood, the bronze category did not have two teams from Gran Canaria. Total decomposition. The brick crisis, the investment was exhausted ... The legion of Chus Trujillo and Héctor Ramírez - president - has managed to recover part of the pedigree of Gran Canaria - which came to have Villa, Neighborhood, University and Las Palmas Atlético in the Group I, with Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Raqui San Isidro-. At minute 8, the Sanfer's plan was beginning to melt. Quintero retired injured and Felipe entered, who would finally be expelled. Occasional carousel of the Támara: header by Aythami Álvarez (10 '), shot by the buffalo Asdrúbal Padrón (12'), López Silva's missile (14 ') and lateral shipment to the non-gunner of the Guanarteme neighborhood (20') . Yellow for Felipe and those of Mingo Oramas who took some oxygen. The tie was worth to the southerners, who wore a sobriety of steel. The stops of David kept the 'Sanfer', the dictatorship of the clock continued on its way.

Near the average, the Abraham, after touching the goal Robles, crashed the leather on the crossbar. The best occasion of the first act. The buffalo Asdrúbal insisted, which did not reach an auction by an inch. Jordan became the most valuable piece. Aythami Álvarez rides and the side avoids 1-0 on the goal line, after a slip by Robles.

Second time and a volcano called López Silva. Hero who was part of the biggest recent affront to the UD. Child failure in the back of Chus Trujillo: Alberto knocks down Felipe and maximum penalty. Abraham deceives Robles and so the 1-0 is made. The Támara needed two goals to emerge from the infernal heat. At the meeting time, the key action arrived. Penalty in the Sanfer area by Felipe. Second yellow to the attacker and to the street. López Silva sealed the equalizer: 1-1. The duel changed radically. 180 degree turn. The 2-1 was majestic. Somewhat impossible. El Moco froze the ball, and it is the story of an unstoppable climb of the Tamaraceite: from the Second Regional to the Second B. Gran Canaria recovers its cache on the bronze planet thanks to López Silva, and at the insistence of the heroes of Juan Guedes .

Data sheet:

UD San ​​Fernando: David; Andrés (Alejo, 80 '), Stephane, Maikel, Pedro; Pablo Santana, Echedey, Navas (Eleder, 62 '; Emilio, 81'), Abraham; Javi Navarro (Fuli, 61 ') and Quintero (Felipe, 8').

UD Tamaraceite: Álvaro Robles; Aythami Álvarez, Alberto, David García, Jordan; Juan Andrés (Romario, 55 '), Samuel, Julio Báez (Eros, 55'), López Silva, David González (Héctor Marrero, 97 '); and Asdrúbal Padrón (Pitu, 79 ').

Goals: 1-0, min. 50: Abraham -penalti-. 1-1, min. 58: López Silva -penalti-. 1-2, min. 75: López Silva.

Referee: Héctor Bouzas. He expelled Felipe (double yellow, 57 ') and admonished Abraham, Jordan and Maikel.


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