The Tamaraceite and San Fernando players pass the Covid-19 tests before the playoff - La Provincia

Shield against the virus. The El Hierro express playoff is shielded against the Covid-19. The expedition of the UD Tamaraceite and San Fernando, around a figure of 60 members -among footballers, technicians and managers-, underwent the mandatory coronavirus test, tests carried out by the medical services at the headquarters of the Mutualidad de Futbolistas de the Inter-island Federation. Along with the formations of the province of Las Palmas, in the promotion promotion the teams of Marino and Tenisca will compete. The playoff starts tomorrow with the public -282 spectators in the Municipal Field of La Frontera- and under a strict protocol of sanitary measures. The use of masks will be mandatory and there are gel spots. The Marino-Tamaraceite raises the curtain (11.00).


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