March 2, 2021

The ‘Támara’ resorts to the heroic to add a gold point against Cádiz B

Despite going behind twice in his visit to the Ciudad Deportiva Bahía de Cádiz, UD Tamaraceite managed to overcome adversity and score a point. Jordan Hernández and López Silva were the top scorers for Chus Trujillo’s team, which remains at the top of the table.

Weather conditions greatly affected the development of the game in the first half: with the field very flooded, it was difficult for both teams to create danger. The first time was for Kike Carrasco to take advantage of an error in a throw-in from Tamaraceite. His shot was caught in two times by Nauzet. The course of the first half changed when at 12 ‘Jordan made an untimely tackle to Kike Carrasco inside the area. The referee signaled a penalty, which Nieto did not miss.

After the goal, Tamaraceite gained prominence, but without materializing chances. Cádiz B, however, continued to cause danger. Nieto, after a combination with Chapela, was able to extend the distance in the 29th minute, but his shot went over the bar. After insisting, Tamaraceite managed to equalize through a shoe from Jordan, who entered the race and took advantage of a subtle touch from Asdrúbal Padrón to the gap.

Back and forth

The match continued very even in the second half. In 54 ‘Javi Martín had it for Cádiz B after a great individual move. His shot, however, went wide. Javi Martín himself touched the goal again on 73 ‘when he kicked into the area with power. Fortunately for the island block, Nauzet was attentive and cleared for a corner with a great feline stretch.

Chus Trujillo’s team resisted the Cadiz shakes, but in 82 ‘, Mbaye won his back behind behind in a free kick launched by Boselli and scored the second goal for the Cadista subsidiary.

Kensly, headed, was able to score the third local goal, but did not find a goal. In addition, Gudelj tried his luck with a powerful strike from outside the area that crashed into the crossbar. It seemed that the three points were going to stay in Cádiz, but in the last play of the match López Silva, the hero of the last promotion, surprised with a distant hit from a direct free-kick that slipped into Garrancho’s left squad. Salvador, hero and shuttle of a ‘Támara’ with an invincible air.


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