June 13, 2021

The ‘Támara’ doctorate – La Provincia

A course surrounded by giants. The doctorate of the Tamaraceite. Chus Trujillo’s line-up surpassed his debut in Second Division B with a note, he did not struggle due to relegation, flirted with the new First RFEF and staged a disappointing end – a victory in the last eleven league battles with the change of subgroup included- . There was the key to kissing the honor plate. The pride of a neighborhood dressed in revelation and sensation before a court of would-be millionaires. He went from unknown to enemy to beat.

It all started in El Hierro. Conquered promotion in a pandemic playoff -July 25, 2020-, the ‘Támara’ stepped on quicksand. New group, new format and unusual courage. With modesty (barely 300,000 euros in budget) and audacity per flag, they delighted against historical figures of the caliber of Córdoba CF, Recreativo de Huelva, or Real Murcia -which have 32 seasons in the First Division-.

The experimental format of Luis Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), of dividing the bronze category into two divisions – the First and the Second RFEF – was another impediment. The Covid-19 scythe stretched the sea of ​​shadows. The football of accidents.

Quintero (four goals) finished as top scorer, followed by Alberto Rodríguez (2), López Silva (2) and Jordan (2)


In Group A of Second B, ‘Támara’ concluded the first part of the journey with six victories, nine draws and three defeats. Nineteen goals for and fifteen against. Chus Trujillo’s pupils finished in fifth place and only four units from third position, which offered the ticket to fight for a place in LaLiga SmartBank. It was the first train that the soul team missed. To the artists of anticipation, with Casais as conductor and a David González -39 years old- sidereal. The ‘Moco’ dressed in Armani to show off his status as an immortal artist.

Stankovic and Google

The capital block, sixth year of life and four promotions, debuted in Second B against San Fernando CDI on October 18 at Juan Guedes with a draw (0-0). The anecdote was led by the coach of the Cadiz team, Jovan Stanković, former player of RCD Mallorca and Atlético de Madrid. «It has been impossible for us to collect data and information from the rival [Tamaraceite]. On the internet we did not get anything “, valued the Serbian in Juan Guedes.

With the dance of the days, the legion of Chus Trujillo made a hole. He went from troupe to public enemy number one. Juan Guedes burned with victories against Marbella de Granero (3-1), Cádiz B (1-0) and Recreativo de Huelva (2-1) -with faces known to the Dean as Nauzet Pérez, Jesús Valentín, Chuli or Szymanowski-. The checkbook was eaten up by the passion industry. He evoked romantic frames and fainted in a bloody way in the critical moment before the Dean in the Nuevo Colombino (2-2) and in his fiefdom against Las Palmas Atlético (0-2) -a gentle review in all facets-. Two slaps that closed the door of LaLiga SmartBank.

Already in the second phase, in full crusade to kiss the First RFEF, they only added one victory, three draws and two defeats. In the last eleven days, a victory in the locker against Murcia (1-0). The epic ran out of gas. They did not go unnoticed, the marks were tightened and the rival fangs were kilometers long.

Gran Canaria ran out of gas in the final stage: a victory in the last 11 league battles


In the filmmaker side, Quintero, one of the signings, established himself as top scorer with four goals. The former San Fernando driver was accompanied by Alberto Rodríguez (2), López Silva (2), Jordan (2), Fagir (1), David García (1), Asdrúbal Padrón (1), Julio Báez (1), Eros Delgado (1), David González (1), Alexis Ramos (1), Toni Segura (1), Pitu (1), Héctor Marrero (1) and Carlos Cid (1). Beyond inspiration, the office of ‘Moco’ -who turns 40 on August 25-, David García (39), López Silva (38) or Aythami Álvarez (32) was a blessing. As well as the voracity of the buffalo Asdrúbal Padrón, always in love with destiny. Irreducible, they will be part of the Second RFEF, which could have up to five teams from the Archipelago -if the UD subsidiary achieves permanence-.

Chew screws

It is the course of Chus Trujillo. He transformed the rigor into the beat of a shield that danced to the sound of the genius of 39 summers. The Tenoya preparer assembled a reinforced concrete block and left a peculiar oratory. “I’m not leaving Tenoya or in First, I’m not Pablo Iglesias” was his letter of introduction last August, after winning promotion to Second B. Immersed in the competition, he said that “against Linense we are going to have to chew screws” . He came out in defense of Eros after his failure in the last second against Sevilla Atlético. “He has been scoring goals since the Second Regional.” The secrets of a family. The giant killer’s doctorate and the pride of a neighborhood that finally appears on the map of the national geography.

With a passionate stand, the Juan Guedes bonbonniere pays homage to her knights of courage. They touched the sky and danced to shields with 39 years in First.

24 Contested duels

  • The first crossing of the ‘Támara’ in the bronze universe ended with 24 games, seven victories, twelve draws and five defeats. In the goals section: 23 for and 20 against after 2,160 minutes of competition.

2,160 David Garcia, the king

  • In the minutes section, Maspalomas central defender David García played all 24 games. Goalkeeper Nauzet García finished second with 2,070 ‘and in third place, defender Alberto Rodríguez (2,010’).

1 A win in 11 pulses

  • Bellows missing in the last month. The ‘Támara’ only won one match in the second phase against Murcia (there were six games). And he closed the first half with five games without winning.


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