The Taliban threatens to block Afghan roads during elections

The Taliban threatens to block Afghan roads during elections

The Taliban today threatened to boycott, through the blockade of all Afghan roads, the parliamentary elections to be held tomorrow, Saturday, in Afghanistan to consider that they are aimed at legitimizing the presence of international troops in the country.

"The fighters of the Islamic State (as they call themselves the Taliban) intend to close all the main and secondary roads of the country on the day of the elections and therefore all Afghans should remain in their homes," they said in a statement. .

The insurgents stressed that all Afghans "and especially the inhabitants of the cities" should refrain from participating in the consultation.

"Participating in this process is to help the invaders in the implementation of their plans, which are illegal from a religious point of view and in conflict with our national values ​​and interests," the Taliban concluded.

The threat of fundamentalist training comes one day before the elections, which have been submitted to more than 2,500 candidates for the 249 seats of the Afghan Parliament.

In recent months, Afghanistan has suffered dozens of attacks against electoral targets, such as workers involved in the process, candidates and voters.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), 2,384 of the 7,384 polling stations in areas under Taliban control will remain closed on election day.


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