The Taliban claim attack against Afghan and NATO authorities

The Taliban claim attack against Afghan and NATO authorities

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack today against regional and NATO authorities in the governor complex in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, in which at least two Americans and one Afghan were injured.

"The head of the Kandahar Police, General Abdul Raziq, has died along with many other officers," insurgent spokesman Yusuf Ahmadi said in a statement, adding that the armed attack took place against a meeting in which the commander of the NATO in the country, Lieutenant General Austin "Scott" Miller.

According to Ahmadi, Miller and Raziq, a well-known anti-Taliban commander, were the main target of the action, in which a good part of the leadership of the Kandahar government was killed or injured, such as the governor, Zalmai Wisa, and the head of intelligence, Abdul Mumin

However, the Taliban tend to offer biased information about the extent of their actions and for the moment the authorities have only confirmed that the spokesman for the provincial governor, Aziz Ahmad Azizi, was wounded along with two Americans.

"There was a situation today in the Kandahar palace, initial information indicates that it was an Afghans incident against Afghans, two Americans were injured in the crossfire and have been evacuated," a spokesman for the Allied mission told Efe. Knut Peters.

The NATO commander was unharmed, according to the source.

The United States increased the contingent of 8,400 in September last year by 3,000 troops, which it had already maintained in Afghanistan as part of the training operation of the Allied mission and in anti-terrorist tasks.

Since the end of the NATO combat mission, in January 2015, the Afghan government has been losing ground to the insurgents and barely controls 56% of the country, according to the Special General Inspectorate for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan ( SIGAR) of the United States Congress.


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