May 25, 2020

The talent of entrepreneurship – The Province

The society of 40 years ago probably will not imagine, nor understand, that someone could make a living as a wedding planner. Times have changed and with them the ways of undertaking. It is no longer enough to have financial support or follow the trail left behind by the economic data, but it is necessary to detect the needs that arise with social change and turn them, with talent, into a viable business.

To undertake, it is not only enough to have a financial floor guaranteed. Nor is it enough to get carried away by the guide that the economic indexes trace. In the 21st century, with the world immersed in a permanent technological and social revolution, the key to success is based on talent. And not only to determine which are the market niches that offer more possibilities. The entrepreneur must now be able to find the crossroads of what he is passionate about, what he is good at and what people would be willing to pay for. Thatgross mode, the ikigai, a Japanese concept that means "the reason for being" and that serves Maribel Pérez, director of Projects of the Incide Foundation, to explain the path to victory: "It has to influence another series of values ​​that make your business can work. "

The new times arrive accompanied by new opportunities and that is why Pérez maintains that identifying the new needs of the population and the new forms of work is indispensable. "Those that are now are different from those of before and require a higher level of awareness and knowledge," he says.

Pérez participated yesterday in the first day of the VI Entrepreneurship CongressThe value of undertaking, organized by the Canary Confederation of Businessmen (CCE) in the Literary Cabinet. The event was opened by the employer's own president, Agustín Manrique de Lara, and the Minister of Economy, Knowledge and Employment, Carolina Darias, who emphasized that the entrepreneur not only has to have "value", but must feel The support of public action.

Turning talent into a viable business model is an arduous task, but to make the business sustainable the entrepreneur has different tools, such as those offered by the Official Credit Institute (ICO). Ana Martínez, her head of the Mediation Area with Financial Entities, valued the importance of SMEs. Not surprisingly, 64% of companies that applied for credit until September had fewer than ten employees.

Today, within the framework of the congress, the 2019 Entrepreneur Award will be awarded. There are five finalists: Henry Pole, Nails Bar, Invertec, Glu glu. Baby Spa & fit and BGAtelier. The mentor of each of them will present their projects and the winner will be made with 3,000 euros. The conclusion of this first day was clear: keep the entrepreneurial fabric of the Archipelago alive.

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