The tajinaste, image of the day in the National Geographic

The National Geographic magazine has published on its website an image of the Lanzarote photographer Juan Méndez with a tajinaste as the protagonist.

Regarding the tajinaste, the Specialized magazine point out what it is "One of the favorite and unavoidable destinations for plant lovers is the Canary Islands. The Canarian flora is home to about 2,600 different species of plants of which 500 are endemic; a term used to describe those species of plants or animals limited to a specific geographic range. Among these endemisms we find the so-called tajinastes, a very special family of native plants with representatives of different species on each of the islands of the archipelago. In this case, in the photograph taken by Juan Méndez, under an illuminated sky through the Milky Way, we can see several individuals of the Echium pininana species, endemic to La Palma and which grows exclusively on the northeast side of the island above 600 meters above sea level, in the laurel forest ".


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