January 27, 2021

The Table of the Madrid Assembly ratifies the celebration of a Plenary on April 23

As highlighted by the autonomous Parliament in a statement, this decision is taken after this Friday the Board agreed to continue with the closure of the Assembly facilities until April 26, the date on which the state of alarm created by the Government of Spain because of the coronavirus, but at the same time gradually resuming parliamentary activity with telematic meetings of the commissions.


This morning, before the Board of Spokespersons, in statements forwarded to the media, the spokesperson for Más Madrid, Pablo Gómez Perpinyà, has indicated that “despite the resistance of the PP” they have managed “to start reactivating next April 23 the plenary sessions of the Madrid Assembly “. “Now our priority is for Ayuso to appear in said plenary session and stop being the only president who has not yet done so in her parliament and has not yet done so,” she criticized.

For his part, the spokesperson for Unidos Podemos-IU, Jacinto Morano, has indicated that they have all agreed that parliamentary activity should resume and that one or two appearances per week be started telematically. He wants that on April 23 they can hold a control session for the government and that the autonomous leader “appear before the camera and give the pertinent explanations about her handling of the crisis and the opposition will audit her.”

The spokesman for the PSOE, Ángel Gabilondo, wants face-to-face plenary sessions to be held, with the same limitations, for sanitary reasons, as in the Congress of Deputies, “guaranteeing safety and after evaluating the technical possibilities available to the Assembly to ensure the smooth running of the sessions. “

Likewise, that the plenary sessions and / or commissions that are held, in whatever format, are made public and can be followed live both on the website of the Madrid Assembly and by regional public television and other media.


Cs spokesman, César Zafra, agrees that the work be resumed but telematically because they have an obligation to “control the government” but also to “protect” their workers. “From Cs we believe that it must be done electronically. It is the only way to ensure that there are no infections and that the government can be constantly monitored,” he said.

Likewise, the PP spokesman, Alfonso Serrano, has assured that from his group they agree “that the Madrid Assembly will gradually resume its activity in this suspension of activity.”

Serrano has insisted that “information has flowed over the past month between the government and opposition groups” and vice versa.

“Now we are entering a stage in which it is also important to gradually recover that normality, first in an online way to try, when possible, to recover face-to-face activity, which is what citizens also demand of us,” concluded the ‘popular’ spokesperson.


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