Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

The syndicalist endorsement of the "civic rebellion" of Álvarez de Toledo

El aval sindicalista a la “rebelión cívica” de Álvarez de Toledo

The campaign Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo It represents a radical change in the Catalan PP, traditionally a very closed and endogamous party, when performing acts with people far from this formation, as the dramatist Albert Boadella and the philosopher Felix Ovejero. Another example of this has been the dialogue that the popular candidate for Barcelona has held on Monday at the Tecla Sala Center in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat with the former Secretary General of Workers' Commissions. José María Fidalgo, who has been very critical with the support of a large sector of the left and the Catalan trade union movement to the independence process.

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"I regret that the left has given itself this way, because my values ​​are antagonistic to nationalism, since it is a new form of fascism," Fidalgo said. To end the independence process, he has argued, we must start a "Civic rebellion" and vote "Cayetana is to start that rebellion".

Unconcerned with conventionalisms or pigeonholing, the ex-leader of CC.OO. He has claimed his status as "leftist, trade unionist" and has affirmed that he supports Álvarez de Toledo for the "courage and courage" that the popular candidate demonstrates in his defense of "equality and freedom" of citizens. Álvarez de Toledo has picked up the Fidalgo glove and has pointed out the responsibility of the Catalan left, especially the PSC, in the construction of Jordi Pujol's Catalunya, which, in his opinion, led to the DUI of the Parlament in the fall of 2017.

"The left has whitewashed the operation to give a false sense of transversality and give the image that Catalonia was one people. The PSC very soon with Raimon Obiols ducked his head with Jordi Pujol and the subjection to nationalist hegemony begins. Then there would come the great betrayal of Maragall and of Montilla", Has affirmed the popular one.

"I prefer to be from the Cayetana gang than from the Ada Colau, who has shown how dangerous it is, "said Fidalgo. The union leader has repudiated the violent escrache suffered by different Constitutionalist leaders, among them Álvarez de Toledo, andn the Autonomous University of Barcelona last week. "What happened the other day, which she overcame with elegance, would have provoked not so many years ago that all the electoral candidates suspended the rest of the acts for democratic dignity. You can not talk on an equal footing with people who do not consider you an equal personl ", he assured.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has also been the object of criticism. Thus, the popular candidate has reproached him "want to reward" the independence and has warned that if you do not stop the 28-A at the polls "the rights of Catalan constitutional Democrats will be definitely cornered and trampled."

About We can, Álvarez de Toledo has highlighted the "mental confusion" They demonstrate by proclaiming that they go against the caste and then, at the moment of truth, defend the division between territories by standing next to the Basque, Catalan and Galician nationalists. "It is the fiscal rebellion of the rich", Fidalgo ironized.

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