The Swedish Academy covers the third of its vacancies after the scandal

The Swedish Academy covers the third of its vacancies after the scandal

The Swedish Academy, the institution that awards the Nobel Prize each year, today announced the election of a new member to fill one of the vacancies created by several resignations due to a sex scandal and leaks.

He is Professor of Literature at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) Mats Malm, 54, which will occupy the eleventh seat left last spring by writer Klas ├ľstergren.

Apart from Malm fThe jurist Eric Runesson and the writer Jila Mossaed were elected two weeks ago, with what it only remains to occupy one of the four vacancies produced in recent months.

Another four of the 18 academics that comprise the institution – including its last two secretaries, Sara Danius and Peter Englund – have temporarily abandoned it, although several have participated in the election of new members for a quorum.

It remains to resolve the situation of the poet Katarina Frostenson, whose husband – the Frenchman Jean-Claude Arnault – is the origin of the scandal and to which the Academy has asked to resign. "This is an issue that we have to resolve this autumn, we have sent him a resolution that we hope he will respond to, and we will ask him to do so in the next few days," provisional secretary of the Academy, Anders Olsson, told the TT news agency. .

They were the denunciations of 18 women in a newspaper in November of the abuses committed by Arnault, linked to the Academy by his wife and his literary club, which unleashed the scandal that caused the postponement to 2019 the Nobel Prize for Literature this year.

The Academy cut the relationship and commissioned an audit, which concluded that Arnault had not influenced decisions about awards and grants, although the economic support received by his club violates the rules of impartiality as his wife co-owner.

Pressed by the Nobel Foundation, the Swedish Academy has promoted several reforms in recent months, as a change in the statutes to enable the actual resignation of its members and the election of new ones; and turn to an external group of experts in law, conflict resolution, organization and communication.

But the most controversial decision has been to postpone the Nobel Prize for Literature, for the first time in seven decades and which assumes that in 2019 two prizes will be awarded, a measure justified by the lack of confidence and the weakening of the institution.

Arnault was sentenced at the beginning of the month to two years in prison for a rape case committed in 2011 against a woman and, although the sentence has been appealed, remains in custody by order of the court. Efe


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