May 16, 2021

The Swedes show their power on the first day of the Pepsi Diving Cup – La Provincia

The Swedes show their power on the first day of the Pepsi Diving Cup - La Provincia

Jump time in the Metropole Swimming Club where this Wednesday, began the Fortieth edition of the International Jumping Tournament City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Pepsi Diving Cup. Almost 60 jumpers, from eight countries, are summoned until Friday in the metropolitan area to surprise fans and citizens with their aerial pirouettes.

The morning started from the 1 meter high springboard, with the category B male competition. Matthew Hibbert, of the Dutch team Aquarijn, took the first place, followed by Josef Hugo Sorejs, of the whole of Czech Republic USK Praha, and of Paul Ray, Swiss Swiss Diving, respectively.

In the category of 3 meters of trampoline female A, the jumping Emilia Nilsson and Hanna Johnsson of the Swedish team Malmö Kappsimningsklubb occupied the first and second place, while the Metropolitan Alicia González managed to hang the bronze medal.

With the arrival of the third round of the day it became evident the dominance of the Malmö Swedish Kappsimningsklubb, taking the first three places from springboard from a meter A male. So that, Elias Petersén, André Dimovski and David Ekdahl They took the podium as first, second and third place, respectively.

The end of the morning session came with synchronized jumps from 3 meters, both in women and men, absolute category. In females, with two participants, Oona Abbema and Tanja van Hassel, of the Dutch team Aquarijn, were proclaimed winners, while Lize van Leeuwen and Frédérique Schonk, also from Holland with the Joop Stotijn DSZ, were second. In the male category, Elias Petersén and Erik Gundersen, of Malmö Kappsimningsklubb, were the only ones to jump and, therefore, winners.

Afternoon of emotion and show

The afternoon session began with a triumph of the house. Héctor García Boissier returned to the Metropole, with the illusion of being back in a competition that is well known and in which he tanned with coach Quique Martinez. So, Héctor, who participates as part of the Spanish national team, took the first position of the 3-meter absolute trampoline.

This time the second place was also in another Spanish athlete, in this case in Juan Pablo Socorro Real Canoe club. He closed the podium Erik Gundersen of the almighty Malmö Kappsimningsklubb.

And it did not cease the power of the Swedish team with the dispute of the jumps of absolute women's platform. Thus, Ellen Ek and Hanna Johnsson Stjernström, once again by the Malmö Kappsimningsklubb, were placed on the first and second steps of the podium. For his part, Leoni Groll, of the German Baden-Württemberg, was the third.

The finishing touch to the opening day was the jump from the 3 meters of category B female with absolute dominance of the Metropole Swimming Club. The vaulters of the house Emma Larcada, Lía Rodríguez and Carla Martínez demonstrated their talent and consecrated themselves as first, second and third, respectively, leaving the sweet tone to the first session of this 40th edition of the Pepsi Diving Cup.


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