The suspense and the feminine theme gain ground among the finalist novels of the Planeta Prize

The suspense and the feminine theme gain ground among the finalist novels of the Planeta Prize

The theme of women and the thrillers have gained ground in the Planeta Award to the historical genre and in particular to the one referred to the Spanish Civil War, according to the members of the jury of the award, who tomorrow fails in Barcelona in the traditional literary evening .

On behalf of the jury, Juan Eslava Galán, who has offered a brief impression of each of the ten finalist novels, explained that "the Civil War and the historical novel are giving a bit of ground to novels of female orientation."

The also sworn Fernando Delgado has stressed the presence of "a new social novel, but not as it was conceived in the classical sense, but now it is closer to the figure of women in our time."

Delgado pointed out that "the voice of the woman is enormously present even when the narrator is possibly a man", something in which the writer and jury Rosa Regàs has agreed.

The president of the Planeta group, José Creuheras, has called for greater attention to the world of books on the part of politics and institutions and has called for "a plan of bookstores, to enhance them because they are a bridge between the author and the reader."

As usual at the press conference prior to the Planeta award, Creuheras has referred to the issue of piracy and has called for "respect for the work of the authors."

"Theft", a term that prefers piracy, which "has a romantic halo", has grown by 12% last year and has quantified 420 million downloads of books, "that is, every minute a book is downloaded throughout the year."

The president of Grupo Planeta has called for "a plan of awareness and respect" to combat these illegal downloads, and has finally asked the authorities for a plan to promote reading.

The ten titles and authors (or their pseudonyms) of the works are:

The good bye, by Sandra Glaser (pseudonym)

Gender violence, by Paulina Ayerza (pseudonym)

Looking at a silent sky, by Elena Francis (pseudonym)

The rise, by James Sussex (pseudonym)

The Art of Fugue, by Daniel Tordera

The shadow of the cherry tree, by Ariane Onna (pseudonym)

The losers, by María Díez García

Mate, of Hatshepsut (pseudonym)

Angela, by Leticia Conti Falcone

The lover of the Black Widow, by Ray Collins (pseudonym)

The Award Jury is made up of Alberto Blecua, Fernando Delgado, Juan Eslava Galán, Pere Gimferrer, Carmen Posadas, Rosa Regàs and Belén López, secretary with vote.


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