Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

The surrealist Fernando Torres announcement that is already viral

El surrealista anuncio de Fernando Torres que ya es viral

A decade has passed since Fernando Torres star in this ad of TV, but it is now and thanks to the networks, when viralized until unsuspected points. In the spot, we can see the player talking about the benefits of going to a Barber Shop of neighborhood in A Coruña.

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"Hi, I'm Fernando Torres and I welcome you to the Gessbra hair salon of my friend Juan Carlos, a business that has been caring for its wide clientele for over 20 years with the latest in hairdressing for men, women and children," the current player of the Sagan Tosu that by then still ran Liverpool.

In the ad, Torres walks through a most kitsch hairdresser while explaining what services they offer: "From the most classic cuts to the most innovative, it does not matter neither the age nor the style". And all this, seeing how the hairdresser cuts, combs and retouches the football player's hair.

"You will find everything you need to be like me, to the last", Fernando continues, winking at the camera, or the whispering hairdresser's name is heard in the background. The spot has no waste and many viewers wonder how the player ended up lending himself to something like that. It seems that the ad was part of a campaign by Banco Gallego to promote real businesses. So real that a decade later, it has become all a viral phenomenon with more than half a million reproductions.

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