Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

The surreal parody of Georgina Rodríguez

The appearance of Georgina Rodríguez, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, as one of the presenters of the MTV EMA Seville 2019 Keep bringing tail. And it is that apart from Rosalia, one of the most awarded artists in these awards that took place in the Congress Palace of the Spanish capital, the model also had its moment of glory on stage by giving the Catalan award.

However, hours after its appearance the Italian chain RAI I had already taken an unusual parody from Georgina. A derision in form of
that aired on the show Quelli che il calcium and that has become a phenomenon viral.

RAI parodies Georgina Rodríguez, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

RAI parodies Georgina Rodríguez, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

The mockery about Georgina Rodríguez starts with her dressed in black, tight clothes, her initials engraved on the shirt and wearing a yellow soccer ball. Behind, a spectacular mansion that would emulate the one that Cristiano Ronaldo has and where it also resides. And in front, a small table with two chairs and several objects on the table.

During his talk with the presenters of Quelli che il calcium, the model clarifies that the casoplon behind her It is actually "the garage for Mr. Ronaldo's cars". And that is what she calls her husband because "they have little confidence."

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As for the questions asked about Ronaldo and his participation in the Italian league, the actress who plays Georgina says that for the player it is a “fun”, who barely knows his Juventus teammates and that in reality, CR7 focuses only on winning his children and not other football teams.

Among the moments that stood out in this parody about Georgina Rodríguez, are: when you are ready to distribute truffles, make an announcement for your Instagram account, and She teaches a "baby catalog" from which she and Ronaldo will choose their next offspring.

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