July 14, 2020

The surprising statistic of Djokovic against Federer in Wimbledon

The brilliant game of Roger Federer against Rafa Nadal "only" served him this time to get into the final of Wimbledon. In the historical and legendary rivalry that these two geniuses maintain over the years, the triumph of one over the other has often been accompanied by the conquest of a title. Not this time. Federer is waiting for his second private wall, the other tennis player who has won the duels face to face: Novak Djokovic. The Swiss is looking for his ninth title at the All England Club, where he has forged the most important part of his legend. All the records of the tournament on grass, the most important and the one with the most impact, are his: the eight crowns, the 101 victories, the thirteen semifinals, the final 12 with today … Nadal won him the legendary 2008 but , Who has surpassed him in the other two? The answer is not difficult: Djokovic.

The Serbian can boast, in addition to having won Federer the general direct confrontations (25-22) and the games of Grand Slam (9-6), also those of Wimbledon! They have been seen three times on grass: in the semifinals of 2012 the Swiss won in four rounds and then he was proclaimed champion; in the end of 2014 he won the Serbian in five sets and a year later he repeated in the same match and the same scenario, but he needed a partial less for the win. Therefore, they are two final to zero for the world number one in "home" of the king of grass.

Both have reasons to be optimistic in their next and exciting appointment. Djokovic defends title. Just a year ago in London, his resurrection was lived. After a few years of dominance as had not been seen before, the Serbian entered into a tennis depression (and injuries) that made who more who less presaged his final … Error. In Wimbledon 2018 he was reborn after defeating Nadal in the semifinals by 10-8 in the fifth set. The final against Anderson was easier. From there, the Serbian won the US Open and regained the number one in the world. By 2019 he had proposed to take the four Grand Slams consecutively. He started well in Australia with rotundindad, especially in the final with Rafa. There could be no revenge for the Spaniard at Roland Garros, because Nole remained in the semifinals against Thiem.

At Wimbledon, for the moment, he is in the last round and nobody has put him completely on the ropes, although Bautista in the semifinals was better than him for a long time. He also gave up a set against the Polish Hurkzc. Djokovic is the tennis player who least notices the change of surface. Play in a similar way in all, but against Bautista, to impress and intimidate, went to the network as never, and successfully: 42 points won in 53 increases. When he is in his cannibalistic version, the Serbian is practically insurmountable. In the All England Club he has been only one point below that version. He has been deranged at times, but with the ability to return to the game and win. In principle, part as a favorite.

Federer's arguments go beyond his record in London. His dominance in grass has not made him fall asleep and has had to improve a lot to be able to keep up with the evolution of Nadal and Federer. His backhand hit worked wonders against Rafa. The fact of having overcome Spanish is also a mental liberation for him. The service is the other great ally of the Swiss, who is also the tennis player who is best handled near the net for the class and the doll he has. Precisely in the serve and the rest may be the key to the game.

In the last final that these two players played at Wimbledon, the remains of Djokovic made Roger have to play permanently by boat soon. It was too much for him. If Federer gets it right and can attack and dominate he will have a lot of wins. In this 2019, he has lost three sets in the All England Club, but mentally he has been seen fresh to overcome the moments of trouble. The physicist is not failing him at his almost 38 years either.

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