Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

The Supreme Court will decide the future of 'Pasapalabra'

El Tribunal Supremo decidirá el futuro de ‘Pasapalabra’

The future of
Pass word
continues in the courts. This is a judicial battle that has been going on for several years and will definitely be decided by the Supreme Court soon. All this, yes, for the appeal raised by Mediaset that has been admitted to proceedings in the Spanish judicial body.

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And is that, as published Expansion, the Supreme Court could have guaranteed that "the broadcast must stop"Of Pasapalabra after the majority of the appeal filed by Telecinco in the battle with ITV Global Entertainment, owner of the rights of the program presented by Christian Gálvez, has not been admitted.

ITV demands the cessation of emissions

This British group it demands that the chain finalizes the broadcasts of the contest and that it does not use "the name of the program nor its format". And there is the controversy. In 2016, the Provincial Court of Madrid endorsed ITV Global Entertainment regarding the cessation of broadcasts and condemned Mediaset to pay a compensation of 15 million euros that was finally reduced.

From the group of Paolo Vasile they are optimistic since they consider that the sentence "is not firm nor executable" until the verdict is delivered around the month of June. His appeal has been admitted in part by the Supreme Court while the ITV appeal has been completely inadmissible. Therefore, they point out from Mediaset, this "could mean, even, that Mediaset Spain did not have to pay ITV compensation for the use of the format and the title of the program".

Origin of the controversy

But what is the controversy? What is the origin of this complaint?
Pass word

is an adaptation of the original

The Alphabet Game
property of ITV Global Enertainment. When Telecinco bought the rights to Antena 3 in 2007 relations with the English group were good, but everything changed when the contract with that company was terminated.

The reason was not other but Several part of the program such as the name or El Rosco were not owned by ITV Global Entertainment. However, from the United Kingdom it is reiterated that yes. The two audiovisual groups arrived at the triubnales and the Audiencia Provincial de Madrid issued a ruling, as has been previously mentioned, in favor of ITV. However, Mediaset resorted and raised the conflict to the Supreme. At that point is Pasapalabra. Your future, in the air.

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