November 28, 2020

The Supreme Court will ask Congress for permission to investigate the Secretary of the Podemos Organization, Alberto Rodríguez

The Supreme Court magistrate Antonio del Moral has agreed to submit a request to Congress to suspend the immunity of the United Podemos deputy Alberto Rodríguez and to be able to continue the processing of the criminal procedure opened against him for kicking a policeman in a demonstration in 2014.

The deputy of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez will not go to give a voluntary statement to the Supreme Court this Tuesday

The deputy of Podemos Alberto Rodríguez will not go to give a voluntary statement to the Supreme Court this Tuesday

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Del Moral, according to the prosecutor’s discretion, has made this decision after Rodríguez, the party’s organization secretary, resigned from go voluntarily to declare to the Supreme Court on October 20, with which he has raised a reasoned statement for the Supreme Court to ask Congress for authorization to suspend his immunity.

The Supreme Court is going to investigate Rodríguez for an alleged crime of attack against authority and a misdemeanor (or minor offense) of injuries, considering that there are indications that he kicked a police officer during the incidents that occurred on January 25, 2014 during a demonstration against the LOMCE in the city of La Laguna.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, at around 11 a.m. that day, a group of about 500 people who gathered behind the fence, near the Cathedral and protected by police officers, began to shout “dogs, sons of bitches,” in the middle, leave Wert in our hands … “. In the course of such a confrontation between protesters and police officers, the prosecutor continues, Alberto Rodríguez kicked a policeman, who suffered trauma to a finger on his right hand and a contusion to his left knee for which he was out for five days. .

In Del Moral’s opinion, there are solid evidence to consider the graded possible perpetrator of the aforementioned crime of attack against authority and a minor offense or crime of injury. “The statement of the victim corroborated by other elements (consignment in the initial report, medical reports) support the narrative that, with the provisional nature that presides over the procedural phase in which we find ourselves, offers the Prosecutor’s Office,” says the magistrate.

The case began to be investigated in a Canarian court, which even issued an order to open the oral trial against Alberto Rodríguez, remaining without effect when he was elected deputy.

After the decision of the investigator of the case against Alberto Rodríguez, the president of the Criminal Chamber, Manuel Marchena, will send the president of the General Council of the Judiciary, Carlos Lesmes, the request for the request to transfer it to the president of Congress of the Deputies.


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