The Supreme Court sentences four members of Nazi music bands to one year in jail for hate crime

The Supreme Court has sentenced four people, members of various Nazi music groups, to one year in prison and fines of 1,800 euros for a hate crime, according to the Ser string.

The High Court maintains that the lyrics of the songs that they played in a concert at the Kon-Fusión Sabadell venue in 2018 contained “supremacist expressions of contempt against individuals from certain groups, for the mere fact of being part of a community that is not tolerated” and that, consequently, they are not protected by the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

The Supreme Court thus confirms the penalty imposed on them in December 2018 by the Barcelona Court. The condemned are Eduardo Clavero, leader of the Punishment Battalion, Alberto Gonzalo de Juan, then a singer of ‘Más que Palabras’ and today in charge of ‘Pugilato’ and the two managers of the companies that distributed the musical material and merchandising of these ‘RAC’ style groups, Rock Against Communism, Pedro Fernández and Eduardo López.


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