The Supreme Court sentenced a priest from Badajoz for pedophilia to 17 years and seven months in prison | Society

The Supreme Court has condemned to the priest José Donoso Fernández, expárroco of Mengabril (Badajoz), to 17 years and seven months of jail for abusing in 2014 of two minors, one of them altar boy of the church where the cleric officiated. The priest has also been sentenced for falsifying reports of school attendance of one of the children for sickness to justify the days I did not go to class. The ruling also condemns him for sending WhatsApp messages to the child after a restraining order was imposed when he was charged in 2015. The priest must pay compensation of 10,000 euros to one of the minors and 50,000 to the other. The judge sentenced the parents of one of the victims to four years in prison for "a crime of sexual abuse in the form of commission by omission", since they knew the facts and consented that the cleric would continue to abuse his son. They have also been removed parental authority.

The abuses began in 2014, when Donoso hosted a Romanian family with three minor children in the parish of Mengabril. Among them, was A. M., aged 12, one of the abused children. The sentence indicates that the priest made use of his moral superiority and abused the child on several occasions. The parents were aware of Donoso's sexual assaults against his son. "The omission behavior is equivalent to the authorship when, as in the current case, a judgment of certainty can be formulated on the effectiveness that the omitted action would have had for the production of the result", the car remarks.

That same year, the parish priest took one of the dormitories of the parish house to one of his altar servers, P. (initial of the other victim), and forced him to fellate him. He was also 12 years old. The sentence adds several episodes that "have not been properly proven", among which are an alleged sexual assault on a child under 17 and "with a medium mental disability."

After what EL PAÍS highlights this case in 2015, the social services of the City of Mengabril (which received several anonymous complaints against the priest of a former seminarian from Badajoz who had allegedly suffered abuses by the priest) prepared a report that they sent to the Ombudsman for the Minor of the Junta de Extremadura. And this was communicated to the Civil Guard. The first court to hear the case was the First Instruction Court of Don Benito (Badajoz), which issued a restraining order and prohibited the priest from communicating with the minors. However, Donoso started sending messages and voice notes to A. M. for Whatsapp. "I love you so much, tonight we talk, forgive me, a big kiss," was one of them. The same court decreed preventive detention in July of that year. Two years later, the case went to the Provincial Court of Badajoz, which issued the sentence that the Supreme Court has now ratified.


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