Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

The Supreme Court returns to the Board the decision on the debate in prison

El Supremo devuelve a la Junta Electoral la decisión sobre los debates en la cárcel

The Supreme Court returns the ball of the electoral debates in the jail to Central Electoral Board (JEC). The Chamber that judges the leaders of the you procés considers in a ruling that "has no competence" to decide on the request of Jordi Sànchez to hold a debate in the prison of Soto del Real and the JEC will have to pronounce.

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The text states that "it is not for the court to ensure the principles that determine the regulation of electoral activity" or "the establishment of a specific prison regime" on the request of the candidate of Junts per Catalunya for Barcelona. "What is requested is not an act that affects a possible judicial isolation - which has not been agreed by this Chamber - nor does it imply a release from the penitentiary," the magistrates added, which contemplate "the competence attributed to the Electoral Administration to ensure for the validity of the principles that govern the development of the electoral process. "

The JEC had sent the request to the Supreme Court of Sànchez to hold a debate in the prison where she is interned with the other independence leaders who are being prosecuted by the 1-O. In Penitentiary Institutions "they are waiting" for the JEC's opinion, which could be theirs.

The High Court must also rule on the possibility that the pro-independence prisoners who attend the 28-A may participate in the campaign. The Trial Chamber has on the table new writings from their lawyers so they can be released on probation or they are imposed less prudential precautionary measures; something to which the Prosecutor's Office is opposed, some means point. In particular they have requested it Oriol Junqueras and Raül Romeva of ERC and the own Sànchez, Jordi Turull and Josep Rull de JxCat.

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