October 28, 2020

The Supreme Court refuses to suspend the elections in A Mariña

The Supreme Court has rejected the precautionary measure requested by the electoral coalition Galicia en Común-Anova Mareas against the decision of the Central Electoral Board to hold the vote this Sunday in the A Mariña region, in which there are 186 active cases per day. from today.

The Xunta lifts the movement restriction in seven municipalities of A Mariña

The Xunta lifts the movement restriction in seven municipalities of A Mariña

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The order of the fourth section of the Supreme Courtroom responds to a request from the coalition headed by Antón Gómez-Reino against the decision of the electoral arbitrator who agreed to keep the Galician elections this Sunday in the Lugo region.

According to the high court, “the examination of the requested caution reveals its absolutely generic and indeterminate nature” and there is no “true precautionary claim” in its brief, so the fourth chamber resolves to dismiss the requested measure.

Last Thursday the Central Electoral Board joined the resolution issued by the Galician Electoral Board to support its decision that elections can be held in A Mariña. The Galician electoral referee dismissed the appeals for Galicia en Común and Marea Galeguista, understanding that the measures adopted by the administration guarantee “adequate circulation conditions to be able to go to vote”.

A resolution that this Saturday also endorses the Supreme Court by dismissing the appeal of the political formation that maintains that “it is not appropriate” to open the piece of precautionary measures because the appeal of Galicia in Common does not request any in particular and therefore “lacks sense to hear the Central Electoral Board about it, “according to EFE.


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