The Supreme Court refuses to adopt precautionary measures against King Juan Carlos and recalls that he is not charged.

The vacation room of the Supreme Court has rejected this Wednesday the adoption of precautionary measures against Juan Carlos I and recalled that the king emeritus is not investigated.

In a Providence, the Chamber dismisses the requests of Òmnium Cultural alleging that the Spanish procedural system does not contemplate the adoption of precautionary measures regarding those who do not have the status of investigated, the former accused, as is the case of Juan Carlos l. The Supreme Prosecutor's Office maintains an investigation to determine if the king emeritus had committed any crime in the movements of his accounts in Switzerland after his abdication, since he previously enjoyed inviolability.

The origin of the investigations of the High Court Prosecutor's Office is in the investigation for money laundering that the Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa started in 2018 after the publication of audios in which Corinna Larsen - with whom the king emeritus had an extramarital relationship - attributed to him the use of figureheads to hide a supposed fortune in that country. The publication of the details of that investigation forced the Royal House to intervene.

The news comes just a few days after announced that Switzerland has also rejected the precautionary blocking of the funds of Juan Carlos I while being investigated in the country. The Swiss Executive thus denied the request that had also been made by Òmnium Cultural, which had demanded the freezing of assets.


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