Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

The Supreme Court orders the JEC to allow the police displaced to Catalonia to vote

Room III (Contentious-Administrative) of the Supreme Court has agreed on Friday a very cautious measure in which orders the Central Electoral Board (JEC) to take the necessary measures so that this Sunday can vote the policemen that are displaced to Catalunya and that they could not request the absentee ballot in term. Legal sources have informed that the Chamber has considered agreeing on the precautionary measure presented by the JUPOL police union for reasons of urgency against the Board's agreement that prevented the agents from voting.

The deadline to request the vote by mail ended on October 31, so that many police displaced to Catalonia found that they were ordered to deploy in Catalonia and will not be able to be in their place of residence next Sunday, so They won't be able to vote Now, the Supreme Court orders the JEC to adopt the measures that are necessary to solve this problem.

Until yesterday, the JEC did not see a human way of responding to this request, even though it has “examined the requests carefully”, has taken into account “the exceptional circumstances raised” and has studied the reports of the Directorate General for Internal Policy, of the Electoral Census Office and the State Postal and Telegraph Society.

Consequently, the electoral body values ​​the displacement of these members of the security forces and bodies of the State "to guarantee and protect the exercise of the right to vote of citizens", and that this fact has "prevented" them from requesting the vote by correspondence on time, but sees no remedy.

Any solution would be to "modify the procedure" of the vote by mail established in the electoral law (LOREG). The agency considers this modification "absolutely essential" because, even with the extension of the deadline to request the vote by mail, it is not on time. The proximity of the voting day makes it "completely unfeasible" that this vote can arrive in time to be counted in the respective polling stations. The time and incompetence to modify the LOREG, makes it impossible to "access as requested."

The issue affects a large number of agents, a total of 4,500 members of the National Police and Civil Guard, who will ensure security on election day, and who will join a contingent of 8,000 mossos

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