July 24, 2021

The Supreme Court of Peru refuses to suspend Fujimori's re-entry into prison

The Supreme Court of Peru refuses to suspend Fujimori's re-entry into prison

The Supreme Court of Peru rejected today the suspension of the re-entry into prison of former Peruvian President Alberto Fujimori pending the resolution of his lawyer's appeal to annul his pardon, which exempted him from serving a 25-year prison sentence for crimes of humanity

Judge Hugo Nunez, of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation, gave Fujimori's defense a period of five days to present the grounds of the appeal to his sentence that annulled the pardon that the former president enjoyed since last Christmas.

Fujimori's lawyer, Miguel Pérez Arroyo, accused Judge Núñez of acting without humanity with the former president for failing to address the effect of suspending the execution of the judgment issued on Wednesday in the first instance until a higher instance resolved the appeal.

"We asked the judge that, in the process of a progressive application, the fact that we are dealing with a person of advanced age and various pathologies should be attended to," Pérez said in Channel N.

Perez considered that the magistrate did act in a humanitarian manner when dealing with the appeal against the pardon presented by the family members of the crimes for which Fujimori was convicted and also make his arguments in this judgment.

The lawyer indicated that Fujimori will return to the prison "to the extent that the doctors so establish" and warned that "his health is weak and his life is in danger."

The former president remains hospitalized from the same Wednesday on which the sentence was issued, apparently due to a decompensation suffered upon learning that he had to return to prison, which rekindled his paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, one of the chronic ills that he suffers from.

Fujimori was pardoned last Christmas by the then President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski under serious suspicion of being a political agreement, although it was granted as a humanitarian decision by the deteriorated health of the prisoner, 80 years.

The pardon came only three days after Kuczynski was saved from being removed by Congress thanks to the abstention of a small group of Fujimori congressmen led by Kenji Fujimori, the youngest son of the former president, who had repeatedly asked the then president to release his father.

With that decision, Fujimori was exempted from continuing to serve the 25-year prison sentence imposed on him in 2009 by the Supreme Court itself.

The former president was condemned for the killings of Barrios Altos (1991) and La Cantuta (1992), where 25 people died at the hands of the undercover military group Colina, and kidnappings of businessman Samuel Dyer and journalist Gustavo Gorriti.

Fujimori, who governed Peru between 1990 and 2000, has more than 14 years to serve in prison, so he would finish it in 2032 with 94 years.


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