October 20, 2020

The Supreme Court confirms the maximum sentences for the looting of the València treatment plant in the ‘Emarsa case’

The Supreme Court has confirmed most of the penalties imposed on those convicted by the Emarsa case, which judged the enormous looting of the Valencian public treatment plants at the time when the PP governed the Generalitat and the Valencia City Council.

The sentence keeps the sentences of those convicted of looting almost full: 12 years in prison for Esteban Cuesta, the former manager of the Metropolitan Waste Water Company (Emarsa); 10 years for Enrique Crespo, former president of Emarsa and former vice president of the Provincial Council; and nine years for José Juan Morenilla, excellent from the Public Entity for Wastewater Sanitation (Epsar).

The looters were Convicted more than two years ago by the Valencia Court as responsible for the huge theft, which amounted to 23.6 million euros, according to a final ruling. Cuesta, Crespo and Morenilla, in addition to the former financial director of Emarsa, Enrique Arnal and number two of the manager of Epsar, Ignacio Bernácer, are “direct and joint accountants” for the amount looted, according to a judgment of the Court of Auditors known last week.


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