The Supreme Court cancels the courses of King Juan Carlos to access commissioner

The Supreme Court cancels the courses of King Juan Carlos to access commissioner

The Supreme Court has declared invalid the degrees of Criminology taught by the Rey Juan Carlos University and that were used by dozens of police inspectors to obtain the necessary qualifications for their promotion to commissioners.

The Chamber of Contentious-Administrative of the Supreme Court has confirmed the ruling of the National Court which in turn gave the reason to the Ministry of Education in its decision not to recognize a commissioner's degree.

The reason is that the courses of King Juan Carlos were sixty credits and distance, far from the requirements of 180 credits of a medium degree or the 240 credits of a degree.

That is, according to the judgment of the National Court, were titles obtained "in a short period of time (few months), through distance learning and with a workload of 60 credits", which is insufficient for this comparison.

In addition, it notes that in this case the enrollment date, the access qualification, the passed subjects with indication of the credits of each one of them and the academic course in which it was attended is not stated.

The union Trade Union Alternative of Police (ASP), that undertook a judicial battle in which it even took this subject to the penal way with a denunciation that was filed, calculates that 400 police commanders realized those courses to be able to ascend commissar.

According to that union, the course was offered in the years 2013 and 2014, until it was paralyzed by the Ministry in 2015, and the cost per student was 3,000 euros. Now, ASP sources have indicated to Efe that they are asking for the reimbursement of this money and that it be used for vests and protection systems.

For his part, Ramón Cosío, SUP spokesman, has told Efe that what makes the Supreme Court's decision "evident" are the "deficiencies" of the professional career in this body and has considered that those affected, who are not alone commissioners, they were "swindled".

Cosío has claimed a "strictly professional" career in the police, as has the Civil Guard, so you do not have to go to "shortcuts" and so that each promotion, the courses are approved and supervised by a university.

When the ASP took the matter to the Office of the Prosecutor, the complaint was shelved on the understanding of the public ministry that there was "no indication of criminal activity, not even of administrative irregularity."


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