The Supreme Court asks the Prosecutor's Office to rule on the possible accusation of Pablo Iglesias

The Supreme Court activates the case against the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias. Just a few hours after receiving the rationale of the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón, who has asked the high court to investigate the secretary general of Podemos for the possible commission of three crimes, the Criminal Chamber chaired by Manuel Marchena has appointed magistrate Andrés Palomo del Arco as rapporteur and has transferred the matter to the Prosecutor's Office for a report, according to a press release of the General Council of the Judiciary.

The next steps that the Supreme Court must take to decide whether to investigate Pablo Iglesias

The next steps that the Supreme Court must take to decide whether to investigate Pablo Iglesias

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"The Second Chamber of the Supreme Court today received [por el jueves] the reasoned statement of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National High Court in relation to the Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias, "says the CGPJ in a statement made public around 2:00 p.m." In a ruling issued today, the court has transferred to the prosecutor to report on competition and content of the exhibition, "adds the note.

The CGPJ also informs that "judge Andrés Palomo del Arco is appointed rapporteur, on the opening or not of the case." Finally, it ensures that the Admission Chamber, in charge of determining whether or not the Supreme Court should open an investigation, "is made up of the president of the Chamber, Manuel Marchena, and the judges Andrés Martínez Arrieta, Andrés Palomo, Ana Ferrer and Eduardo. of Porres ".

The Supreme Court thus launches the process prior to deciding whether or not to open an investigation against Iglesias, in addition to against the third vice president of Congress, Gloria Elizo, two lawyers from Podemos, Dina Bousselham and Ricardo Sa Ferrereira for different crimes against each of they.

The step taken by the high court with the transfer to the Prosecutor's Office and the appointment of the rapporteur is the usual one in all proceedings of this type. Now it will be the public prosecutor's office that will speak. This report will be handled by the Supreme Prosecutor's Office, Luis Navajas, as long as you have time to do so before your retirement, scheduled for December 17. With that non-binding report in hand, the Admissions Chamber will decide whether to proceed with the investigation or not. The law does not determine a term for this resolution.

Despite the negative result of all the initiatives of Judge Manuel García-Castellón to sustain an accusation against Pablo Iglesias, it has finally been compensated with the statement of José Manuel Calvente, the lawyer fired from Podemos. The magistrate has proposed to the Supreme Court to investigate the Secretary General of Podemos According to Calvente's statement in which the lawyer, without providing evidence, accused the party's general secretary of plotting a montage around the Dina case. Regarding the origin of the information that he transferred to the judge, Calvente said: "I have quite a discussion with this person, I don't want to say the name. They confirm it to me like this, they tell me clearly [que fue un montaje]"Calvente was already separated from the legal department and could not know the facts first hand.

This same Thursday, the Vice President of the Government has defended his innocence in an interview and has indicated that he does not conceive "not as a mere hypothesis" that the Supreme Court can impute.


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