The Supreme confirms that the eviction of La Ingobernable carried out by Almeida was illegal

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the eviction of the self-managed social center La Ingobernable in Madrid it was illegal. The eviction of the building, located on the Paseo del Prado, occurred at the end of 2019, when José Luis Martínez Almeida was already in charge of the Mayor's Office. He then publicly boasted of his decision and, in fact, called "faces" to those who had given use to a building that had been lifeless for years. It was the second similar eviction since his arrival at the Palacio de Cibeles. A few months before It was the Dragon's turn, in the neighborhood of La Elipa. About three years later, both properties are closed, unused and with 24-hour surveillance at the taxpayer's expense.

The Justice concludes that Almeida could not evict La Ingobernable because the building was ceded to the Ambasz Foundation

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The illegality of the eviction was ratified on April 6 by the Supreme Court in an order, to which has had access, in which it rejects the appeals filed by the City Council against a previous ruling by the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid and that determined that the municipal government did not have "legitimacy" to expel the group and that the 2017 municipal resolution on which Almeida relied to order the eviction should never have existed. The reason: that the building was ceded to a private foundation and, therefore, it should have been this one who claimed the eviction.

“The resolution of the Supreme Court, by refusing to process the appeal filed by the Madrid City Council against the resolution of the Superior Court of Justice that upheld the appeal of the social center, confirms without a doubt that the eviction of the social center La Ingobernable It was contrary to law”, they point out from the legal defense of La Ingobernable.

The brief resolution of the high court establishes the payment of costs of up to 1,000 euros (plus VAT) to the Consistory, but nothing else says what will happen to the building from now on. Because, in fact, the TSJM did not see "irreparable damage" at the time and stated that, in any case, the occupants could be compensated for having been victims of an eviction without legal protection, but the use of the building would not be returned to the owners. collective.

The procedure began earlier, in 2017, with Manuela Carmena at the head of the Consistory, although the mayor never fully activated the eviction. At that time, the building, owned by the municipality, was ceded free of charge to the private foundation Ambasz, which had kept it inactive since Ana Botella allowed its use for 75 years. The plan was to demolish the building, built during the Second Republic, and build a museum in honor of Emilio Ambasz himself, an Argentine architect with no presence in Madrid. Carmena terminated the agreement with the foundation in 2018 and paid 1.4 million euros as compensation.

“Soon there will be news”

The resolution of the Supreme has left a bittersweet feeling in the group that came together around the social center. On the one hand, the illegality of the eviction is recognized, as La Ingobernable denounced from the beginning. On the other hand, the activities that were developed in it cannot be recovered. For example, during the preparations for the feminist strike that took place on March 8, 2018, as well as during that day of massive mobilizations. Or, at another level, activities for residents and groups in the area, which lack public infrastructure for it.

From the collective La Ingobernable they assure that they are analyzing the different options they have with the legal team that has accompanied them. "The confirmed sentence leaves the door open to possible compensation for damages," they remember in conversation with this medium. “We are thinking about the possibilities. Soon there will be news and we will make a decision”, they add, to ratify: “That we are going to respond is clear, and we will do it soon”.

Since the building's eviction, Almeida has announced at least three different plans to put it to some sort of use. First, a transfer to house a Jewish museum to the Hispano-Jewish foundation, created ad hoc for this project in 2016 and whose vice president the former mayor and former Minister of Justice of the PP, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón. That happened in 2020. The project failed and, already in 2021, Almeida raised another assignment to a private foundation, that of Patrizia Sandretto. A year later, it has not materialized either.

Finally, the Consistory said that it would cede it to neighborhood services, a historical claim of the neighbors. The idea was to turn it into a health center and a space with a library, a toy library and a day center for the elderly. But for now has not started. has contacted the Madrid City Council to seek its opinion, but the public institution has declined to make any statement.

"Almeida knowingly acted outside the legality," they also point out from La Ingobernable, which has tried to extend its project in different buildings in the city, although without success. The Ministry of Justice also evicted them from a building. The mayor, a state lawyer by training, "used the City Council's legal service for partisan purposes," they accuse. And they lament that “the minimum guarantees of the rule of law only exist for a few”.

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