The supporters of Maduro protest again for Christmas hams

The supporters of Maduro protest again for Christmas hams

Hundreds of sympathizers of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro protested today, as they did a year ago, in demand of compliance with the promise made by the president to give them hams, a traditional food in the celebrations of Christmas and New Year in the South American country.

In the center of Caracas, a hundred employees dependent on the Government demonstrated at the doors of the Ministry of Education to demand what they called the "Christmas combo", which according to the Protestants includes bonuses, gifts for children and hams.

While in the poor neighborhood of Petare, a stronghold of Chavismo, which governs since 1999, the protesters asked, in addition to the pernil, the normalization of public services, whose poor provision is another expression of the severe economic crisis that Venezuela is going through.

The demands have been maintained since the beginning of the month, when Maduro publicly said he would distribute the hams, a promise he could not fulfill last year because, he claimed then, the alleged financial persecution suffered by his Government.

Maduro said this December that hams would be distributed through the so-called Clap system, which delivers food at low cost each month to more than 6 million families, according to the president himself in the past.

But several families registered in this system and consulted by Efe point out that, in the best of cases, pieces of pork were distributed and should be shared, and that the deliveries were made on a discretionary basis, taking into account the lower socioeconomic level of the families

In December of 2017 several protests were registered in popular areas to demand the distribution of hams, which resulted in around twenty people injured and detained.

According to local press, a pregnant woman died in El Junquito sector, in the northwest of Caracas, after being shot by an agent who was trying to dissolve a protest.


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