The supplier says that they ordered 3M masks without homologation in Europe

The alleged email from 3M saying that the mask model was not approved. / C7

Case of the fake masks

Ihsan Mahmhoud, denounced for the fake masks: "I sent the batch they asked me to the Canary Islands and everything was in order"

Ihsan Mahmhoud Mohamed al Sabbagh, the supplier to whom the company
RR7 United SL commissioned him to buy one million masks FFP3 3M 1860 after agreement by
four million euros closed with him
Canary Health Service (SCS)defends himself and affirmed that the merchandise he sent to Gran Canaria
was in order and that, in any case, he received a communication from 3M alerting him that this product, in particular,
was not homologated in Europe. This matter is being investigated by the
Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office.

The prosecutor
Javier Rodenas investigates whether RR7 United SL committed an alleged
fraud and if the SCS itself incurred in the commission of the alleged crimes of
prevarication and embezzlement of public funds.

Despite the fact that it provides a presumed documentation that would accredit this version and that reads verbatim "the 3M 1860 is only certified with the approval of Niosh and does not carry any CE certification and, as such,
would be illegal to use in the UK or any member of the EU», it collides head-on with what was affirmed by the representative of 3M in Spain. The company's lawyer argued that
the cargo that arrived on the island from Ethiopia and that it was destroyed, “it clearly complied with the information that was available regarding the fake masks.
It was clearly a fake, there was no doubt», he told CANARIAS7.

“I told them – to the SCS – that I was getting the new product at a good price. But the 3M was illegal to bring to Europe, "he says.

But Ihsan Mahmhoud, who was reported to the National Police by the administrator of RR7 United SL, denies this point. This businessman of Jordanian origin and based in London allegedly contacted the owner of RR7 through a friend of both,
the intermediary Lucas Cruzz-alleged representative of a fund that wanted to buy CB Gran Canaria-.

He said that the administrator of RR7, which is dedicated to the purchase and sale of vehicles, “contacted him because they wanted to buy masks and I said yes, that I knew many suppliers. He did the deal through a solicitor in London named Charles Douglas, who
he was the one who checked that the merchandise was fine. He checked the codes through the official 3M website and everything was correct », he declared.

The document provided exposes to Customs that the merchandise was supposedly original.

Upon making the purchase, Ihsan Mahmhoud said that
paid "half a million dollars to charter a Boeing 777 with the merchandise to Gran Canaria due to the urgency”, but that money was not recovered. I didn't say anything at first
for the friendship I have with Lucasbut in the end I brought it to the attention of my lawyer," he said.

When the false merchandise arrived in Gran Canaria, the supplier declared that «I no longer know what happened.
They told me it wasn't right, but it is not like that, everything was checked with 3M and controlled by the lawyer who has kept all the documentation. He even revealed that
He even spoke "personally with a person in charge of the Government of the Canary Islands -the General Director of Economic Resources- and asked me for another shipment of Honeywell brand masks, because apparently 3M had certified that those masks they asked me for were not approved in Europe. We sent each other several emails and I told them that I could bring the new product at a super good price.
But the 3M was illegal to bring to Europe and I think that's why they burned the products.

«The manufacturer -adds Ihsan Mahmhoud-
had not approved the product for sale in Europe and obviously whoever made this trap had a plan. How do they request a product that the Spanish Government does not accept and the manufacturer does not certify it for Europe? That was not legal », he warns.


In addition to giving his version, this businessman who is dedicated to the oil business, although in times of pandemic he traded in masks, provided a document in which his lawyer addressed the
Customs that retained the million masks 3M while investigating if they were fake.

In it, it is read that this part exposed to the agents that the shipment was too small "for 3M to take it seriously or with any priority". That is why there were "several attempts to buy", but it turned out that there was "a
lots of scammers and fake supplies around the world". They tried, according to this document "failed transactions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa" ​​and RR7 United SL "eventually
found an honest reseller of the 3M Corporation product through South Africa and, ultimately, Germany through Addis Ababa”, he details.

This company "participated in a video conference as part of that inspection with the supplier" at the airport and "verification of lot numbers" with the "3M Corporation database/website", which is used to "verify the authenticity of stocks" and, in his opinion,
“it was clear that both the batch and the number were genuine and authentic products of 3M Corporation.

For this reason, they asked Customs for the
merchandise release arguing "urgency for health reasons" in the Canary Islands.

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