December 3, 2020

The Superior Court of Galicia prohibits Alcoa from stopping the heart of the San Cibrao plant

Workers in the aluminum sector always insist that if a factory for the electrolysis tanks with which aluminum is produced, the factory has died. Such is the cost of its reactivation that the unions of the San Cibrao plant understand that Alcoa’s interest in shutting them down has only one objective: to apply the scorched earth policy and abandon an entire region of the province of Lugo to its fate without thus leaving their backs to a potential competitor for the future. The Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia has agreed with them, prohibiting the American multinational from turning off the heart of its factory.

The reasoning adopted by the social chamber of the Galician high court is simple: Alcoa cannot turn off the tanks without knowing with certainty whether the ERE it has presented will have the endorsement of the public authorities. The central and regional governments, for once working in unison, have already announced that they will do everything legally possible to overthrow the ERE that tears apart a region that depends largely on the manufacture of this metal that is used in housing construction , automobiles and in a myriad of industrial applications.

The magistrates have also positioned themselves on a possible intervention of the factory by the State. They consider that the measure would be “disproportionate”, without waiting for the collective dismissal process launched by the owners of the company to be resolved beforehand, but they open their hands to a model of intervention whose sole purpose is to guarantee that the vats.


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