The Super Cup enters the PSOE election campaign

This season a new version of the Spanish Super Cup is released, although it does not stop giving problems before its official birth. It was not played in summer, at the beginning of the season, as usual, because the plan is to play a mini competition in January, with semifinals and a final. What remains to be chosen is the headquarters of the championship and does not seem to be a simple thing to solve.

The Federation's plan is to make it far from Spain and Saudi Arabia was presented as one of the most economically beneficial venues. But nevertheless, Isabel Celaá, the acting Minister of the Government, put a very large "but." «We defend the equality of women and men and gender equality, we carry it in our program», He assured after the Council of Ministers, making it very clear that from the Government it is not seen with good eyes.

The European Super Cup is one of the changes Rubiales has proposed in its change plan. The Copa del Rey is already played in a match until the final stages and with the Super Cup we want to take advantage of the pull of the best in Spanish football to sell the product. The Super Cup is a competition organized by the Federation, so you can choose how to play it.

But nevertheless, Celaá, continued with his objections: "There are issues still to be resolved socially, globally, globally", the minister continued in her speech to the press. In the Federation no final decision has yet been made about the final venue of the tournament. Saudi Arabia or Qatar are the two countries that have put more interest and those that give more benefits to all parties. It is also not clear if the Government can decide or influence an election that depends on the Federation.

The Super Cup will be played by the best of last season. Before it was a double game between the League champion and the Cup champion. Now, Barcelona, ​​who won the League and Valencia, who beat Valverde in the final of the Cup will be contesting it. They are joined by Atlético de Madrid, as second in the League and Real Madrid, as the best semifinalist of the Copa del Rey.

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