January 17, 2021

The Super Amara Bera Bera has the measure taken to the Rocasa – The Province

The Super Amara Bera Bera has the measure taken to the Rocasa - The Province

The Rocasa Gran Canaria Ace was beaten against the Super Amara Bera Bera in the direct duel for the leadership of the Iberdrola Warrior League (32-25). The picture of Alexis Herrera and Roberto Santana made a good game during the first half, which allowed him to reach the break with a disadvantage of only two goals (16-14). With the recess, the Teldenses were disconnected in front of a painting of San Sebastián, that put the direct one towards the triumph. The defensive strength of the San Sebastian and the turnovers condemned some Gran Canaria that, eight days from the end, are two points behind the Basque and with the golaveraje against them.

Vibrating match rhythm during the opening stages of a contest in which the exchange of punches was constant. Seynabou Mbengue took the lead in the opening stages to lead the attack game in the Teldenses (7-7). On the other hand, the Cuban Lisandra Lusson was in charge of giving the first advantage to the picture of Alexis Herrera, after finishing a partial of three consecutive goals by the Gran Canaria side (7-8).

The Bera Bera reached the half of the first half with an advantage in the electronic (9-8), with an outstanding Maitane Etxeberria in the offensive parcel of the Basques. However, the interventions of Silvia Navarro, very safe under sticks, and the effectiveness of Seynabou Mbengue, put, again, the yellow ahead in the game (10-11).

Then, three consecutive goals by the San Sebastian squad, two of them by Elke Karsten, allowed the players of Imanol Álvarez to turn the match in their favor (13-11). The good saves of Merche Castellanos contributed, in a decisive way, to the fact that Rocasa did not score easily.

In the final stretch of the first period, the good minutes of Bera Bera allowed them to enjoy their biggest difference (15-12), which forced Alexis Herrera to interrupt the game with time-out. With the pause, came the reaction of the Teldenses, through Seynabou Mbengue and Haridian Rodriguez, the latter completing a fantastic run of five goals in five pitches. Adriana Cardoso, from the end, gave the Basques the difference of two goals with which came to rest (16-14).

Many inaccuracies during the start of a second half in which Rocasa got stuck in attack, which took advantage of the Bera Bera to breach the score (19-14). The turnovers condemned Gran Canaria, lack of ideas, which tried to correct the pair Alexis Herrera-Roberto Santana with a timeout. However, the San Sebastian dynamited the yellow, with a fantastic Renata Lais in goal, which led them to increase the lead to seven goals (22-15).

The Rocasa recovered to a partial of 7-1 of the Basques, Engaging in the game through Seynaboy Mbengue and Slavica Schuster (24-20). However, the Teldenses were subjected to a painting by Imanol Álvarez, who reached the final ten minutes of the game with a wide advantage (29-22).

The Brazilian Renata Lais was an insurmountable wall for the yellow players. In addition, the constant losses diminished the options of the Rocasa to come to dream in the comeback. The second half was of clear Donostian color, which imposed its dominance to place itself as a solo leader of the Liga Guerreras Iberdrola (32-25).


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